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Tutors who work with Fleet Tutors are inspiring individuals with the unique ability to shape lives by demonstrating a passion for their subject and a love for learning. Our tutors enjoy the benefits of working with a leading education service provider whilst retaining the autonomy of being self-employed.

Britain's preeminent provider of tutoring services for over 40 years, helping learners of all ages, abilities and backgrounds reach their potential. Join our tutor network Tutors who work with Fleet Tutors are inspiring individuals with the unique ability to shape lives by demonstrating a passion for their subject and a love for learning.

Yes No. Add Qualification. The impact of Artificial Intelligence AI and change is unrepresented at this time. Core life skills of flexibility, learning, creativity and people skills are required to survive, prosper and to be employable.

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Whole industries are being wiped out or transformed so fewer humans are employed. From accountants to vehicle operators, every industry is being hit by AI. Knowledge is becoming less important, as artificial intelligence can search and summarise it in seconds. So what matters now and into the future?

Learning the skills to observe, be creative and motivated to try new things will help you to be employed or self-employed. Technology and global change is requiring us to use new skill sets that have not been traditionally taught in formal education. The Artificial Intelligence revolution will make career shifts more common and regular.

All industries will be impacted, transformed or made human free. The skilled learner with the right abilities and habits will handle these shifts with much greater ease. For example to have the skills sets to handle the emotional and financial impact of a redundancy and also to speak confidently in interviews is key. All this can be learned here by using the learning state and state awareness skills.

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Students these days need to be taught to be future proof. Current educational systems do not develop or focus on these abilities. The implication is that the parents and students have to learn these to do well in life, so start early and learn them while studying and experience the benefits sooner. Motivation and drive for life is natural.

If study motivation is lacking then something is wrong. Motivation generally shifts with the 8 session core study skills module.

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Here is why:. I am an expert at motivating students at their level. The influence of an external one-on-one coach is a big boost for the student to do something different. The core study skills are so naturally powerful the benefits are obvious as they are time efficient, easy and relaxing to do. The biggest motivator is it feels great to know you are doing better!

During the 8 core skill sessions I will get a clear idea if further specialised work is required. The outcomes will be discussed with the student and parent. Specific assistance and tailored practices can be used to assist learning issues. As with student motivation, I have seen significant shifts by students with the 8 session core study skills module. Both motivation and learning issues arise from a cause, as both are natural human functions an aspect of the survival instinct. Depending on what this is it can be addressed directly or indirectly.

My methodology for working with anyone is to assess their potential, find potential blocks to what should be natural and try different approaches to solve them. My extensive 30 years of research into human development, learning and leadership means I have many unique ways of dealing with these issues. Please book a free assessment or book a call back on this link. Yes just 8 sessions to transform most students into being motivated and happy with their grades improving. This outcome is typical for the students I coach: 8 sessions helps form new habits.

Doubts are ironed out, stress is reduced and the foundation for learning and study success is laid.

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For a free assessment, pricing and scheduling please see the Booking Page. Tap the picture to watch the video or read Core Study Skills. It gives the process of change and new empowered learning to take hold. It gives the time required to implement these new and easier ways to be embedded in the learning process. Just like learning to drive a car, it takes practice before driving on the highway at peak hour and be confident as a driver.


Typically student motivation, attitude and outlook is positive after this core skill set is used and they know what to do and are happy to do it as these habits are now formed! Tutoring can continue after this if desired to ensure ongoing improvement and support.

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External accountability by an external coach ensures ongoing improvement. Shorter courses can be arranged to suit specific outcomes, please contact and we will discuss options that suit. This one-on-one online tutoring service teaches students these enhanced learning skills. Expert tutoring provides extra guidance and accountability so the techniques become a part of the study routine.

A noted improvement can be achieved with application of the techniques within a very short time frame: Applies to all subjects. Effective learning and study habits are formed. Develops strong memory and recall. Decreases stress and increases confidence. Commitment, application and drive to do well increases as these make study a positive experience. One-on-One online world-wide after school tutoring. The core study skills module provides the student with the tools to achieve major improvements in all areas of their studies.

As this service is one-on-one it is tailored to suit each individual student and their learning style. Enhanced application eases and revives the joy of learning to blossom.

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After the core study skills are covered the tutoring focus shifts to fine tuning and enhancement of motivation, execution, life balance and attitude. This phase is where tutoring ensures long term habits are formed to deepen the skill sets to a behavioural level. This will improve their outlook on life, independence and future success. For three decades I have researched and pushed the envelope of learning and development. Read more about Jason here. Student Success Tutor basic modules are still at the cutting edge of learning technologies 25 years later!

My recent review of YouTube and TED talks that have over 1million views left me astonished at how the basics of brain-friendly learning are not mentioned. Learn the secrets of the learning state that uses the whole brain for learning, ease of focus and mastery of the study success habits.

All Student Success Tutoring techniques are based on effectiveness as it relates to the whole brain and human psychology. When these techniques are applied learning and retention is maximised. Furthermore as these skills work with all the neurology and psychology it means all human systems align so, self-esteem, confidence, happiness and behaviours improve.

This creates a life cycle of success which also applies to new life challenges, such as assignments, courses, employment or projects.

openpress.alaska.edu/cambio-estructural-para-la-igualdad.php These are now met with an attitude of positivity and a set of logical and creative skills to accomplish the task. Sadly, education systems are still predominantly left brain driven logical and rote learning. These half brain learning techniques are not effective because whole-brain learning is required to achieve good grades in a left brain dominated education system.

The creative side of the brain, the right side, needs to be involved in left brain subjects to be integrated and remembered. This is leading to major issues in schools with Principals calling it a crisis point due to stressed and depressed students. These skills are an easy self-empowering solution.

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  • Student Success Tutoring will help anybody who is learning and wants to improve their memory and study skills.