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At first his teacher, Mr.

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Dr Thaddeus Mason writes to Francis Sr. An erudite man, he graduated from Harvard University in , studied law with the Hon. William Sullivan, and became a lawyer, though he soon grew disillusioned with the industry and moved back to Boston to live with his uncle, the Rev. Dr Thaddeus Mason Harris. He joined the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in , and was associated with the order for the rest of his life, achieving such positions as Major and Commander.

Over his life he served the public in many capacities, especially in the state legislature and during the state constitutional convention of , in the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company as three times the Commander, and in Washington as a law clerk under the leadership of Secretary of State Daniel Webster. During the American Civil War he offered his rhetorical skills to the cause of the Union, lecturing throughout the North. Eventually, he came to live in Newport, Rhode Island, and took an active interest in the historical societies both of the city and the state in which he lived.

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Yet though old age found him as smart and witty as in years past, it would finally catch up with him, first taking his eyesight. On the night of June 14, , Francis Brinley, Jr. In August of , she went south to visit her husband in Washington, days after George B. McClellan was named commander-in-chief of the Army of the Potomac.

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Sarah Olcott Brinley would survive her husband when the latter died in , and she kept a close relationship with her brother-in-law George P. George P. Brinley lived in Montreal for a time as an insurance agent, and has an original photograph in Series IV. Nathaniel Brinley, Jr. Brinley of Tynsborough, assachusetts. In he wrote an article for the Connecticut Courant concerning the loss of the steamboat the Lexington on January 13, The boat was carrying eighteen thousand dollars worth of gold and silver and was bound from New York to Connecticut when it was overtaken by a fire and sunk, with the loss of nearly all persons and articles aboard.

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Three years later, at the bequest of his daughter Elizabeth, he penned down an autobiography in , which is included in the collection, and dedicated it to her. In addition to his autobiography, he has three letters, a newspaper article he wrote, a poem by L. George Brinley used his workbook circa , and fashioned pages from the documents of other family members as binding, and was likely to have been the author of a few rough poems elegantly inscribed on the binding as well as here and there between math assignments In his schooling, George Brinley learned tables for multiplication, addition of English Money, Troy weights, and cloth measure, as well as rules of reduction, the rule of three in decimals, and other general mathematical concepts of the era.

Born in Boston in , George Brinley the Book Collector was precisley that, and he was one the best, if not the best, collectors in late 19th century America. Collectors see in this fact a new confirmation of their familiar claim, that ancient books as money investments pay better than the average railroad, oil well or silver mine.

He moved first to Florida and then to Bermuda, where he died in Beginning in early , the American library of George Brinley was auctioned off in several parts, each part divided by subject matter and by geography, the first part relating to general America, the British colonies, New France, and New England. The sale was eagerly tracked by the press and many of newspaper clippings included here cover it. His letter of bears reference to the War of the Austrian Succession in Europe. Zachary was living in England at the time.

Robert Auchmuty, Jr. He married a daughter of George Craddock and was thus the brother in law of Thomas and Nathaniel Brinley. He was born in , the son of Robert Auchmuty, a Boston lawyer. He attended schools in Boston, including the Latin School. Auchmuty followed his father into law. He and his wife fled Boston in , settling in London. His American property was declared forfeit and sold in Auchmuty remained in London until his death in Edward Tyng was born in Dunstable, England, in In he emigrated to Boston, where he established himself as a merchant.

He became an important man in the city, serving on the General Court and as Colonel of militia. In he bought acres of land in Dunstable, though the area was still a wilderness. This tract was the basis of the Tyng estate in Dunstable and Tyngsborough. Tyng left this estate to his eldest son Jonathan when he died in Colonel Jonathan Tyng, born in , was the first white settler in Dunstable. He asked the General Court for reinforcements, insisting that the settlement should be held.

After the war Colonel Tyng became a guardian for local peaceful Indians. In compensation he received Wicausuck Island on the Concord River. Indians also sold him property. This land, together with his inheritance, gave Jonathan Tyng the largest estate in the area. He was obviously a man of importance in Dunstable and in the colony. Colonel Tyng died in note that this date is disputed; an item in the folder hold his death date to be His large estate was divided amongst his children.

In a Tyng heir sold part of the estate to Nathaniel Brinley.

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With this most of the Tyng estate came to the Brinley family. After his death, his son Daniel vigorously defended his memory and his deeds. The Brinley collection also includes some miscellaneous materials, for which there is no clear connection to the family. There are wills, letters, business papers, songs, poems, and newspaper clippings all ranging from the early 18th century to the s. Items of interest include a certificate concerning the military service of Isaac Bowers in the War of , a document from the Archbishop of Canterbury, a newspaper article that mentions Edward Lyde, and a blank example of 18th century laid paper.

Copy of an original by John Smibert in , now a part of the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Nov to his daughter Elizabeth Hutchinson Obt. May , to his son, George Brinley Tertius, Obt.

August 24, , to his son George Brinley, Obt. May 6, , to his nephew Edward Charles Brinley, Jr. The collection was acquired from Cedric Robinson in June Copyright and Use More information. Brinley Family Papers MS B mss. Find collections. Brinley Family Papers Copy by Charles U.

Bond after John Smibert A prosperous family of merchants and landowners, the Brinleys were well ensconced among the social and political elite of colonial New England. Brinley salver, ca. Series Descriptions. Inventory of Collection. Biographical note: Thomas Brinley the Auditor was the common origin for the Brinleys in England.

Buried in the church at the town of Datchett in Buckinghamshire, his tomb inscription read: Here lieth the body of Thomas Brinley, Esq.

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Lists conveyances of land to Francis Brinley during the period to Biographical note: Not much is known about the Hutchinson family, except that Elisha Hutchinson was a citizen of Boston who sued Thomas Aives for squatting on his land in Naggaransett Country in early Biographical note: Edward Lyde was a Boston Loyalist who was banished after the war. Biographical note: Francis Brinley, Jr. Scope and content: A copy of a fall, Newport Herald newspaper is included in his folder and reveals the world of Francis Brinley, Jr.

Biographical note: Nathaniel , the fourth son of Colonel Francis Brinley, grew up in Roxbury and was a Boston native. Biographical note: Robert Brinley b. Biographical note: Thomas Brinley , another son of Colonel Francis Brinley, was born in Biographical note: The birthdate of George Brinley d. Biographical note: Francis Brinley, Sr. Biographical note: George P. Biographical note: Nathaniel Brinley, Jr. Biographical note: Born in Boston in , George Brinley the Book Collector was precisley that, and he was one the best, if not the best, collectors in late 19th century America.