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All through time it has been called with different names, such as "Path of Spirituality" or in the East "Path of the Masters" Sant Mat , "Meditation on the Divine Word" Surat Shabd Yoga and so on, but always meaning the same spiritual discipline. The human spirit is of divine nature and can achieve full happiness only when it has consciously realized its own divinity. The world offers pleasure, money, success and power as icons to worship and to strive for, which do not lead to the permanent happiness that the human soul has been longing for since unmemorable times.

All these achievements are temporary and therefore illusory, having to be abandoned the moment the world is left behind, during the final passing, which is everyone's destiny. This way he gradually realizes eternal happiness, which will accompany him both in this life and in the afterlife.

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Humanity is one big family under the Paternity of a sole Creator of all living beings and of the entire cosmos, called God, Brahman, Allah, or the Universal Spirit in the different religious traditions. Man is the most elevated being in the entire cosmos because Divinity itself resides within him, and he can reach full consciousness of It with the proper guide:. Since God is within the human being, in order to know God, one must know oneself first:. Each human soul is a drop in the Ocean of Divinity. Thus all human souls are one thing, beyond all differences in age, sex, race, social position or religious tradition.

The Main Path between the human soul and God can be none other than One: this Path is at the base of all the great religions and philosophies that have withstood the trial of time. A Master is qualified by the fact that the seeker is placed in contact with the Celestial Light and Sound through his instructions, as it happened with the Apostles during the Pentecost and with the disciples of the greatest Masters of every time and place. A Master is also recognized by the fact that he imparts his teachings completely free of charge.

And all of them were filled with the Holy Ghost.

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And they shall lead you to God. This meditation can be practiced by all humanity, without making distinctions between sex, age, social position or religion, and gives splendid spiritual results when practiced with regularity and devotion. Of course what are the chances our warlock knows that? Sometimes you dread the demands it will make when it does appear. Special Terms seems like a fun idea, but none of the listed options feel right to me.

Lastly there is Binding Mark, and the obvious choice here is to have one eye that looks like that of a Solar: all solid gold and almost glowing. As a Warlock, Charisma is key. Constitution will also prove important, as it will allow the character to not only live longer thanks to extra hit points but also to maintain Concentration on spells mid-combat, such as the damage boosting Hex spell. Dexterity is also valuable for increasing Armor Class, making it an important stat.

Strength makes the most sense for a dump stat.

THE CELESTIAL BEINGS | The Celestial Beings

I may regret that when it comes time to haul gold out of a dungeon, or climb out a pit, but it fits the character. According to the Half-Elf race section, Half-elf characters tend to have human names if raised in elf society, and elf names if raised in human society. The fun with the Elvish family names is they have translations. Xiloscient Goldpetal fits that well.

I also like the idea that the character generally goes by an abbreviation of their last name among humans. Human first name, Elvish family name. Looking over the Background options for a bad guy dragged towards good, Criminal is the obvious choice. It provides excellent contrast for the Celestial Patron, and a nice set of abilities to use while adventuring.

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The question of Bond, however, feels more useful. Those who seem the fairest often have the most to hide. Lastly is Flaw. Xilo already has a crowbar, set of dark common clothes including a hood, a belt pouch containing 15gp, leather armor, and two daggers. Turns out that Xilo has a lot of skill choices to make. It will also allow him to play back-up rogue when it comes to locks and traps. There are two skills here I feel the character lacks: Persuasion and Insight. Both would be key assets for a social character.

Persuasion is the third Charisma based social skill to go along with Intimidation and Deception. Also, as a social character, the lack of Insight means difficulty in detecting deception. These missing options are not, however, out of character. Likewise, as an untrusting criminal threats and lies are probably much more in his wheelhouse than heartfelt persuasion. Xilo has Elvish and Common from his heritage, and has access to one more language.

So lets assume these are languages from before he became a warlock. Dwarvish seems like a decent option. The backbone of any spellcasting character are their Cantrips: the magic they can do any time, all the time. Typically also their primary combat options. Sacred Flame is certainly thematically appropriate. Calling down radiant damage on foes like a holy cleric is very much something proudly unfaithful Xilo would delight in. It does 1d8 radiant damage if the target fails a Reflex saving throw.

It does have the nice little bonus of ignoring cover. Overall it looks like the go to option for dealing with targets that have a high armor class due to armor or dug-in snipers… or just taking the piss out of holy men. Light is a classic utility spell and on theme for a character that has stolen the sacred light.

The caster can choose the color of the light, which can make it useful for signals. My first pick for the character is, of course, Eldritch Blast , one of the most potent cantrips in the game. Base d10 Force damage attack. Warlocks can eventually add-on special options to it, including adding their Charisma bonus to damage. The spell also scales well, gaining extra attacks with more levels instead of just more dice.

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  • It also provides a nice counter point: Sacred flame is the holy attack, and Eldritch Blast is the less holy option that might be a perversion of the sacred power Xilo has gotten his hands on. Between Sacred Flame and Eldritch Blast combat options are well enough covered. If Light is the holy utility spell, what is the perversion that Xilo has made of the magic? All three have uses, but Prestidigitation is probably my favorite of the set despite being a little harder to use in a dungeon. The main selling point for me is using it to con shop keeps at low level. Minor Illusion seems like a fun option, but as a concentration spell it will interfere with Hex in combat situations.

    Celestial Warlocks have extra options but still only two spells at first level. Warlocks regain all their spell slots with short rests and always cast all their spells at the highest level, which makes them an interesting take on a healer. Thankfully the Healing Light class feature rounds out the minor healing needs, along with healing at a distance options.

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    The constant need to pick between using his limited spells slots for either healing or harming is exactly what I want. The second spell is, of course, Hex. A character with Hexed Wisdom is easier to lie to, intimidate, or sneak past. Xilo started life as a criminal. Not a proper Rogue, but a general urban criminal of vague specialty.

    freemuse.eywaapps.dk/wp-content/2019-02-26/5670.php Theft, violence, intimidation, whatever. A half breed in any world, he felt everyone was against him and so he owed no one anything. Somewhere along the way someone or something powerful took something from him, and need to find the power to take it back, or get revenge, drove him to ever more risky jobs. Now he travels, looking for more power so that he may get back what is his, and constantly facing the dichotomy of his immoral nature and the celestial powers at his disposal. At first level Xilo makes a decent jack of all trades. Healing Light 2d6 : As a bonus action spend a number of dice from the pool, up to your Charisma Modifier, and heal one target within 60 feet.

    The pool refreshes after a Long Rest. Level 2 brings another spell known and another spell slot, along with the big deal: two invocations. Guiding Bolt, the pact provided spell, is a reasonable attack option, being a little more potent than Eldritch Blast, and compatible with Hex, which is a nice trick for a holy radiant attack. Unseen Servant provides a variety of potential uses in adventuring, including setting off traps from a safe distance.