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Special Fellowship. Special Fellowship - with translation in Spanish. Special Fellowship - San Fransisco, California.

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Special Fellowship - Anaheim, California. Loving the Lord Jesus Howard Higashi. It is illustrated and emphasized in the introductory literature they hand out on campuses. The spirit is a unique element within man. Man, the highest created life, needs to receive another life for his completion… …The function of the human spirit is to contact God. Our spirit was made by God for the purpose that one day we would exercise it to contact Him and receive Him into our being.

Faith, Regeneration, and the New Creation.

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This brings us to another one of the key focuses of LSM. This is another point where it is crucial to understand what Lee and LSM mean by regeneration and not simply assume they mean the same thing as you. The London Baptist Confession describes regeneration as:. Those whom God hath predestinated unto life, he is pleased in his appointed, and accepted time, effectually to call, by his Word and Spirit, out of that state of sin and death in which they are by nature, to grace and salvation by Jesus Christ; enlightening their minds spiritually and savingly to understand the things of God; taking away their heart of stone, and giving unto them a heart of flesh; renewing their wills, and by his almighty power determining them to that which is good, and effectually drawing them to Jesus Christ; yet so as they come most freely, being made willing by his grace.

London Baptist Confession , Chapter As a consequence of the Fall, man is dead in his sin, has a heart of stone, and is in rebellion against God. So God removes the sinful heart of stone and replaces it with a heart of flesh that is no longer in rebellion. That is regeneration. Even if our human life had not been corrupted by the fall of man in Genesis 3, we would still need to be regenerated. Thus, God placed him before the tree of life that he might receive the life of God and be regenerated.

The Lord Jesus was very wise in using Nicodemus as the example of regeneration. If He had used the sinful woman in John 4 as the example, we might conclude that only sinful people need to be born again… the Lord revealed that regardless of how good we are, we still need regeneration. Regeneration is the primary need of man. Moral people, as well as immoral people, need to be regenerated. Some Christians hold the mistaken concept that people need regeneration simply because they are sinful and fallen.

However, if Adam had never fallen into sin, he still would have needed regeneration because he was lacking the life of God. The question is not whether our human life is good or bad. Regardless of the kind of human life we have, as long as we do not have the divine life, we need to be regenerated. To be regenerated simply means to receive the divine life in addition to our human life. We are earthen vessels to contain God as life 2 Cor.

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This is the true meaning of regeneration. Lee and LSM mean something utterly different than Christians do when they talk about regeneration. For them, it is the process by which we are deified. The entire Triune God enters into our spirit and we become a new creation. No longer human, we are now God-men. The divine life received through regeneration is the seed of our new being. This life as the divine seed abides in every regenerated believer.

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This seed is actually the Triune God Himself. In regeneration the Triune God was sown into us as the seed of life. The believer has the divine seed in his spirit. It is a marvelous fact that this seed of God now abides in us….

But the abstract, mysterious God is embodied in the word, which has been preached to us. When we heard the word and received it, we received God, who is embodied in the word. The embodiment of God in the word is the very seed of life sown into our being for our regeneration. So the word of God is like a pill — something that makes the abstract, mysterious God digestible for us.

It contains God in a digestible form. This happens through preaching. The proper preaching of the gospel is the preaching not of a doctrine but of Christ, the Son of God, the One who is the embodiment of the Father and who is realized as the Spirit… The Christ who has been preached to them will become in them the faith by which they believe.

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The Lord is receivable…This faith creates an organic union in which we and Christ are one. The expression out of faith in Christ actually denotes an organic union accomplished by believing into Christ. The term into Christ refers to this organic union. In the same way that God begot Christ in resurrection, God has regenerated us to be His many sons 1 Pet. A critique.

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We are literally the reproduction, the actual offspring of the Triune God. We are sons of God by birth. By regeneration we refer to the organic process by which God makes us His children not simply by adopting us through the declaration of His sovereign decree but more intrinsically by begetting us through the impartation of His eternal life John ; ; 1 John We believe that, through regeneration, God becomes our genuine Father Rom. Witness Lee understands deification as the full import of biblical sonship:.

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We are what we are born of. Anything born of a dog is a dog.

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Likewise, if we were born of a monkey, we would surely be a monkey. The children of a man are also men. When we say that we are one with God, we do not mean that we become the person of God. This is to make ourselves an object of worship and should be condemned as blasphemy. To be one with God is to be one with Him in His divine life and nature. Every life produces offspring after its own kind Gen. A grandfather, a father, and a son all have the same life and nature, but they are different persons. In life and nature they are the same, but in person they are different.

As the children of God Rom. We are one with God in His life and nature, but not in His person.