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Reports say the company used to keep diamonds mined in many countries and released a limited number for sale each year. Officials say the company does not do business that way anymore. The agency N. Ayer developed an extremely successful campaign linking diamonds and romantic love. It also meant that a diamond would always keep its value. The company continues to use the slogan in its advertising more than fifty years later.

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And reports say it has been used to advertise diamonds in at least twenty-nine languages. The advertising business also recognized the huge success of the saying. In two thousand, Advertising Age magazine named "A Diamond Is Forever" the best advertising slogan of the twentieth century. Sonya Kitchell writes and sings songs that are influenced by jazz and blues. She has a rich and low voice that can skillfully express many emotions and styles. The surprising part is that she is only seventeen years old.

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Faith Lapidus tells us more about this young artist who is making timeless music. In the song she asks them to let her grow up and become more independent. When Sonya was a child, her parents surrounded her with their artistic and musical interests. She started studying jazz singing at the age of ten. Soon, she started writing and performing her music live with a group. Sonya says she tries to take in as much of the world around her as she can.

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Songwriting has become a way to process her experiences. It is a song about wanting life to go by both faster and more slowly. Sonya Kitchell is quickly becoming very popular. She has traveled and performed with well-known singers. Sometimes Sonya tries to write when she is on the road. But she says writing comes easiest when she is at her home in the northeastern state of Massachusetts. There, she takes walks in nature to clear her mind and think. Sonya Kitchell says she has many goals for herself and her music. She wants to help make intelligent music more popular.

She says popular music should go back to its roots and be enjoyed not only for its sound, but also for its message. It was written by Dana Demange and Nancy Steinbach. Caty Weaver was our producer. To read the text of this program and download audio, go to our Web site, voaspecialenglish. Send your questions about American life to mosaic voanews. Please include your full name and mailing address. Search Search. Audio menu. Learning English Broadcast.

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Previous Next. March 22, Bond learns from Felix Leiter who has left the CIA due to injuries sustained in Live and Let Die and is working for Pinkerton's as a private detective that the real Shy Smile is dead and that his identifying tattoo has been imprinted on another horse.

They find that they are both investigating the same people and work together to turn the tables on the gig and get Shy Smile disqualified.

Bond manages to escape with the help of Tiffany Case, who has turned against the mob due to her strong feelings for Bond. He had been trying to win her over with his charm since he met her. They manage to escape the train and light it on fire, killing Seraffimo. Unbeknownst, they are spotted and Mr. Kidd board the same boat.

Bond pieces together their presence on the boat but they had already captured Tiffany.

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Bond climbs down the side of the ship with a rope made from sheets and manages to overpower them, killing them both. In Sierra Leone, Bond stakes out the known contact point for the mine dentist. He has been closing the smuggling ring, eliminating everyone involved. Later, Bond goes to Africa to stop the beginning arm of the smuggling ring.

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  8. The man tries to get away, but Bond stops him by shooting down his helicopter, effectively ending the smuggling ring. Diamond smuggling was a topic of great interest to author Ian Fleming. In , Fleming wrote a non-fiction book on the subject, titled The Diamond Smugglers , which was published in the same format as his Bond novels and, as a result, is often erroneously listed as a Bond book. Additionally, author Geoffrey Jenkins claims that he had collaborated with Fleming on the plot of a novel featuring James Bond and dealing with diamond smuggling, titled Per Fine Ounce.

    The book completed circa but was never published. Kingsley Amis Colonel Sun.

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