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In ancient times, people stuck together because they literally needed each other to survive. In today's world, we tend to spread out and live more isolated lifestyles. In some ways this is a luxury. In other ways we had it better when we lived in close proximity. Humans are creatures of community and need each other for companionship. Lying, thinking Last night How to find my soul a home Where water is not thirsty.

Read Complete Poem. I strongly agree with Maya Angelou. Her poem reflects a timely theme.

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At any age a person might suffer due to loneliness, but worse in the old age. Then one needs physical as well as Read complete story. My smile hides my tears. My laugh hides my screams. It's been this way for years. Things aren't as they seem. Mike, I've never ever written a reply to anyone here before, but when I read about you, I had to. Don't ever think there's nothing interesting about you. Your story made you who you are I was once sad and lonely, Having nobody to comfort me, So I wore a mask that always smiled, To hide my feelings behind a lie.

I know you don't know me, but I want you to know I care about you and what you are going through.

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I know how bad bullying can be, and I also know how dear a Gran can be. Mine won't be with us Once when I was little, I was happy and carefree. I used to run around laughing Until it was time for tea. I hope your life has changed now. What I have learned about life is whatever situation, no matter how gloomy it may be, in the end it will all pass.

I also went through that depressing route A lonely star sits in the sky. It starts to flicker and begins to cry. This is so beautifully written. I love it! I should rise to the occasion of living well.

The wise man, a short story by Donal Ryan

I dislike good stories with too good of an ending. I want to feel good about myself. I want to solve problems. I want revolution again. A part of me died on my last riot for life. What will the vacuum birth? The vacuum dismantled is asleep right now. Maybe it will serve as a wormhole to another life.

One with vibrant living, good stories, and youthful expression. Shall I resign? Today we share a poem, "Sanity Optional" by Tonya Wade. Tonya Wade has written poetry since she was a child in Mississippi. Her diagnosis of Depression and Panic Disorder has greatly contributed to her art, opening her heart to the many beautiful people struggling with mental health issues every moment of every day. Anxiety grabs, pins to the rug, when Panic swoops in, "Where is your drug? Today we share a poem, "What Is? What Is?

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  5. Love conversations with other people. It is just another place, and other places are teaming with energy and intelligence. Adopt physics as part of your spirituality. Always wonder a bit about your impact. It's okay to strive a bit more too.

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    Should I do that? You will no longer recognize people, or this place you love.

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    Embrace normal. Embrace home. That is generally what You are experiencing with Capgras delusions. Like the different facets of the ones you love brought to life.


    Everyone has a dark side. Do not fear dark energy, or entertain it. It exists, but let it not manifest. Is there an off-grid living space here? But no one should be mis-placed from their home without a good reason. If so, unplanned, there is an emergency response by guardians of time and place.

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    To avoid the hospital. To love the very different facets of life and your brain. Today we share a poem, "My Dreams". Life has meaning. We have to dry up those tears everyday. Like a Trojan horse, Some dreams come from an enemy world Concealed as good vibrations. Those nightmares fill my mind all day. I work for a living, Nighttime is my second shift.

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    Where the white horse and the black horse gallops I am mounted - riding for a mission. Take me to the land where magic reigns free.