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Lakota participants added vestments known as ghost shirts to the ceremonies and songs brought by the emissaries. They believed these white muslin shirts, decorated with a variety of symbols, protected them from danger, including bullets.

The Lakotas' white neighbors and reservation officials viewed the movement as a threat to U. Indian policy and believed the Ghost Dance ceremonies and ghost shirts indicated that the Lakotas intended to start a war. Reservation officials called on the U. The government dispatched the U.

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Indian police killed Sitting Bull while arresting him. Two weeks later, on December 29, , members of the Seventh Cavalry killed Big Foot and at least of his followers casualty estimates range to higher than in the Wounded Knee Massacre, thus eliminating key leaders most opposed to the United States and its Indian policy.

Many historians have pointed to Wounded Knee as the closing episode in the West's Indian wars. To many, the Ghost Dance represented resistance to U.

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Indian policy and American culture and was a rallying point for preserving traditional Indian culture. Todd M.

Kerstetter Texas Christian University. Hittman, Michael. Wovoka and the Ghost Dance. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, Kehoe, Alice Beck.

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The Ghost Dance: Ethnohistory and Revitalization. Originally it referred to the soul of a dead person or a disembodied spirit, and this meaning is still in use.

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    The ghost emoji depicts a cartoonish looking figure in white, shaped like a teardrop or bubble with arms and round black spots for eyes. Nearby words ghost , ghost car , ghost cell , ghost corpuscle , ghost crab , ghost dance , ghost fishing , ghost gum , ghost image , ghost moth , ghost net. Origin of ghost dance An Americanism dating back to —