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Before this sort of message was regarded by most as partisan exaggeration. Because that will be hard to ever get rid of.

Hector Lime

So Parliament is going to sit again. And Boris can still refuse, whether outright, or by way of some legal cleverness. So the Remainers in Parliament still really have only two options.

Symphony guide: Hector Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique

One option is to outright revoke. However, the wild card is how many Conservatives vote for revocation. A handful the party can cope with, as long as they are immediately expelled and replaced. But suppose fifty did? That would make it pretty clear that the Conservatives are riddled with anti-democrats EU fanatics. There would be a mass defection of voters to the Brexit Party, but the worry would be that not enough defect, and both parties scupper each other. The other option for the Remainers in Parliament is to finally have a confidence vote in Johnson, and then vote in a new Remain PM, who will go to the EU and get an extension.

But the electorate would also be outraged by Parliament appointing a Remain PM who crawls off to the EU, and an early election would have to take place sooner or later, which would again probably be won by pro-Brexit party.

Hector and the Search for Lost Time by François Lelord

Another serious risk for the Remainers with this strategy is that it may be that no Remain figure gets enough backing, and a general election has to take place instead, which the Conservatives would probably win, with most of the Remainers losing their seats. If you got fifty or more doing so then the previous intra-party schisms will look like a disagreement at a debating society, and the Conservatives would struggle to keep themselves above water, and they may take down the Brexit Party with them.

Sussex Police officers were carrying out a routine drugs check at the side of the road when a Mercedes-Benz saloon approached at speed and collided with the officers and the man they were with. The driver of the Mercedes-Benz, aged 20, ran off but was stopped and arrested by officers on suspicion of attempted murder. The BBC has it, but only as a local regions story.

I have always been fascinated by campus novels. Each, in their different ways, seemed to point in the same direction — that university would be a place where your character was formed. In both novels undergraduates hardly feature; the lecturers are the characters. And the lecturers are all skewered. I imagined a campus of challenging, glamorous people and charismatic teachers who would fling open the shutters and widen my narrow world view.

But six months later and I was walking down an Oxford high street with a female college friend as bewildered and dissappointed [sic] by college as I was. Where I asked her were they — these Sebastian Flytes, who were going to light up our university lives.

See a Problem?

The people around us seemed either diligent and dull or posturing as thespians or dope-smokers or political agitators. I suppose that to someone who has misread Brideshead so badly or who is so desperate to escape their own life that she thinks that Sebastian the snooty drunk would be a great guy to hang out with, is going to be shocked to find that Universities, even Oxbridge, are full of dull nerds and talentless posers. The massive expansion of the Universities apparently passed her by. In my experience, though, there are great people at every University. It turns out Justin Trudeau has often done something that would result in career suicide if done by a conservative :.

A rare picture of Justin Trudeau just before he killed Captain Cook. But we all knew that.

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Guest after guest is quoted with their opinions. Many people were photographed with him, looking perfectly happy. Yet all these people were happy to keep quiet for years, even when political figures on the right were attacked for the same sort of thing. I bet you half the journalists in Canada knew about these pictures. I bet you all the newspapers were sent them years ago, and they declined to run them, until finally they were forced by the Conservatives getting hold of the pictures and pushing the story.

Help yarself to da oil.

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    Hector And The Search For Happiness

    Log in. Flag comment Cancel. Jemison to a book like this? In any case, I got about two-thirds of the way through before realizing I wasn't really enjoying it and was wistfully eyeing my pile of to-read books Jun 06, Clayton Yuen rated it really liked it. The storyline was intriguing because of the science universe it was in, and An absolutely adorable continuation of the psychiatrist Hector as he ponders the world.

    It's all the best of Alexander McCall Smith and more. May 09, Erik rated it really liked it.

    The Little Couple

    Excellent conclusion to the Hector series. More philosophical, but doesn't leave you up in the air.

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    The writer continued with the same fictional character in his third book. This time round, Hector journeyed on to find the answer to why people are up against the clock and why people are always short of time for activities. He is trying to understand why some people wanted to slow down time; why some wanted to speed time up and why most worried about time.