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Bill Watterson needs to come out of seclusion to give you a nod of Kudos. This was an inspiring piece needed for me at this time! I need this in print. I homeschool three kids, one with profound special needs. But this, really spoke to me. Bill waterson and Gary Larson are two comic strip authors who will never fade away. They will remain funny throughout time. Our great great grandchildren should have to read both strips as probably at minimum high school requirements. Just brilliant. And the strip was 20 years old! But I do have the works of Larson and waterson.

Good enough for me! Please let me know when this print gets added to your library of available prints. Very well done Gav! It certainly hits on the artistry and the emotion. A can respect your position but a print of this would be super cool. I was a little young when the comics came out too.

Sometimes hours! I love your site and the work you do, but this is one of my favorites for sure! Keep up the good work!

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Um, gulp, awesome. Story of my life. Thank god there are still people who value things other than money. Many humourists have tried and failed, but for Watterson it always seems choosing my words carefully there effortless. Awesome — great job with this! Calvin and Hobbes continues to be my 1 comic and even though I still read it daily thanks mycomics page! I miss it terribly. If the integrity of Bill could be distilled and used as a vaccination in small children just think of how much nicer this country would become. I am so glad his creativity continues to inspires others.

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What an amazing legacy. Thank you, great! Different and forgotten time period, but KK was amazing, even more so considering it was created years ago. Bill W cites it as his biggest influence, unsurprisingly, along with Pogo. George Herriman, the author, and Bill W would have got along great, probably. George was cut from a similar mold. This is wonderful. I am moved by this wonderful sentiment by someone that I regard as a personal hero. I am one of those probably very rare individuals who puts this kind of love of pursuit into my job.

The fact that my small contribution can lessen the stress in their daily lives gives me great pride and an immense feeling of accomplishment. But I constantly battle against the attitudes of my fellow IT guys, and my boss, who insist that I am just spoiling them and making my life harder by going the extra mile. I love what I do, and this wonderful message can be applied to that, too. Your work is wonderful! The posters are great, too!

I am a high school teacher in the North Texas metropolitan and have decorated my classroom with posters of inspirational quotes for my students. The ones you have done are great! Have you thought of possibly doing posters for the education field as well as the Christian community? Thanks for your wonderful contribution and may God bless you abundantly for following your passion and sharing it to the world.

This is so spot on! I was happy to read I am no the only one! I am so blown away by this post, the message and the overwhelming response from all the people sharing it. You combined words and art exquisitely to present a dilemma—with respect for the difficulty we all face—making decisions to sell out or not. This is a wonderful tribute! There are simple things in Calvin and Hobbes, like the extremely cartoony but somehow accurate version of a car speeding down the road, that reflect his obsession with drawing well. Great job on the art here.

I, like many grew up with the Calvin and Hobbes collections although I was too young to understand much of the humor nor could I fully appreciate it for what it was. All his books in English are still in my bookcase.

His wit and wisdom brought me some unforgettable memories and also helped through different times. I was sad but fully understood.

He had to move on and do his thing. So, thank you for 10 wonderful years. And Gavin, thanks for not selling out on Bill Watterson — you really understand his views on the medium … and you did a marvelous job! Peter from Switzerland. Hi, this is a very beautiful and inspirational cartoon! My first reaction when my cartooning son sent me the link to this cartoon, Gav, was to purchase a print for my classroom. I hope that will become possible….

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Hey I just wanted to commend you, like everyone else, in addition to thanking you for the incredible reminder. This strip had Calvin and Hobbes all over it from the start and I truly appreciate your hard work to bring so much entertainment for nothing more than online praise. But know that I will be following for as long as I can bear. Thanks, Gavin! When I came from village then I was feeling bore.

Then I searched on Google. Then she provided me best erotic massage and fun on my bed. She is really outstanding independent girl for me. Left my job to pursue a dream. I was working in the same company for 8 years. The pattern from the strips are just so real! Bill Watterson is an inspiration. Your tribute is wonderful, and moreover your response to the requests for prints is admirable. Oh, I wish I could share this with the girl I adore!

PS if you are reading this, I still think about you…. I just wanted to say that I really like this comic and that since discovering it I have gone through all the comics on your site. I especially like this one and the ones from Robert Frost. Gav, I meant to write a thoughtful praise of this strip. This is stunningly beautiful in so many ways.

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Watterson is right there with yours. Thank you for giving expression to this sentiment through your art and of course, to BW for his words of wisdom. Love Calvin and Hobbs… Best saying from the strip. Why strive for intelligence when ignorance is instantaneous…. Hi Bill, can i translate to portuguese your HQ above and post it in facebook? Look very similar to my life… I will print and hang on my office wall too. There are two things in my life where I actually grieved when they ended. My daughter already cherishes them she has an orca whale that she treats not so much unlike Hobbes , and I know she will re-read them throughout her life, each time getting more out of them than she did the previous time.

I still laugh out loud at many of the strips… some still to the point of tears. And I know.. And Gav..

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Well, a lady I met who was a regular 9 to 5er and the editor for Peanuts eventually divorced her lay about homebound artistic husband and eventually got laid off herself due to office politics. This made me wonder how many stay-at-home-MOMs to two or just one children feel about that comparison.