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Just remember, to be considered a serious walker in the UK, you've got to pull your socks over your pants. We did about 13 miles along the wall, plus about 4 to get to and from the alignment. The section within the national park is great, the wall is in good considering its age shape in this section, and you can see the fort and turret outlines Hadrian decreed that there would be a fort every mile along the wall, and two turrets between each fort. Another neat section included the old bridge abutments over the River Irthing. The river meandered toward the valley wall, so you can see the three different versions of the bridge four if you count the new metal bridge that had been constructed.

Another note on the 'craggy' picture included above, is that you can see the roman quarry on the right side of the picture, now filled with water. Let us know when you head over, and we'll send over the spiffo map they put together to go along with the national trail. Brampton looks like Canterbury. I've snagged the South Downs for my desktop. Didn't have time. Next trip, maybe. My mom and I had an argument about the Greek statues when we were there last Christmas too.

Chocolate covered digestive biscuits are awesome. My grocery store has a special frou-frou aisle that stocks McVitie's Digestive Biscuits, which are awesome.


Other than that, I haven't been able to find a real American substitute for it. Hope you have a great time in Scotland--I've never been, but my roommate Dayna swears that it's "an alternate dimension where the women aren't so cute but the men are really, really hot". Our basic view was: "Wow, they stole a lot of stuff from its rightful owners.

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But I guess if they hadn't, we would never have seen it, so there's an up side. But will they be as cheap as they are in the UK? Hee, well, not all Scottish men are hot of course, nor, I suppose, are all Scottish women un-hot, but the accents are luscious. Managed to restrain self from tackling the occasional polite, witty, Scottish-tongued young man while there. Though it was difficult.

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Husband would not have approved. Eager to click on all the pictures. You'll also be pleased to know that in your absence, my excerpt from your LJ went over like gangbusters in my meetings at the Kettering Foundation. Will tell more. And look out for signs for Jedburgh - yes.

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On the river Jed. Kettering Foundation: cool! It amuses and delights me to think that my frivolous LJ is being considered as a serious phenomenon in deep-thinking circles. I did and do love Edinburgh, naturally.

A Short Analysis of William Wordsworth’s ‘I travelled among unknown men’

One of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. Much nicer now, they tell me, than in the 17th century, but the same could be said for most places. Didn't visit Jedburgh, but I'm pretty sure I did see signs. Too bad - I could have gone around smugly telling everyone, "I actually know Jed. It sounds like a wonderful trip. I too adore those "digestive biscuits". Let's campaign to make them more readily available in the States! I especially love the HMS Victory. The tall ships just boggle my mind. Can you imagine trying to keep all those ropes correctly rigged and aligned in a storm?

It's a wonder anybody ever got out of the harbor. Looking forward to Scotland! The total length of rope used came out to some number in the miles. It was insane. The boats are really impressive, though - about five or six levels within each, neatly outfitted for their respective purposes. Very 'Master and Commander. I have laughed and laughed my way through this entry. I used to live in London and the first thing that set me of was the less than pictureskew scenery on the Heathrow Express.

Heh Heh. Also much giggling at the pictures with spaniels in. I guess I tend to take it all for granted having lived for 4 years and, frankly, I'm used to old pictures with paintings in. Just a side note, I've also been the White Horse! Hope that you had a wonderful time! Good good - I hoped it would be humorous. The spaniel thing became a running joke. We'd nudge each other every time we saw a spotted dog, and say, "Hey look, a spaniel Didn't realize you were so close to the White Horse vicinity.

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It showed up as "Pub With No Name" on our credit card bill. Ah well, hindsight and all Link Reply Parent Thread fifteensixty Apr. I adore the Northumberland photo. It's certainly making its way to my desktop, thank you. McVitie's Digestive Biscuits, to be precise. The most popular biscuit in the whole UK, apparently. Link Reply Thread rachel Apr. And the HMS Victory!!!!!!!!!!!! Link Reply Thread gavinworld Apr.

I love those too. IMHO, McVitie's Hobnobs are even better than their digestives, and they come in both milk and dark chocolate varieties. The item may be a factory second or a new, unused item with defects or irregularities. See details for description of any imperfections. Skip to main content.

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About this product. New other : lowest price The lowest-priced item in unused and unworn condition with absolutely no signs of wear. By the s, the Aborigine people have lived in harmony with the land in Australia for sixty thousand years. When Jonathan Cadwallader leaves Cornwall to sail on the Endeavour, he leaves behind his sweetheart, Susan Penhalligan. See details. Viagens Interplanetarias.

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