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Prominent Lovecraft scholar S. The first comment is particularly strange, considering the award is the mold of an actual person rather than a literary reference. If the goal is to highlight the genius of the author, why not make the statuette reflective of his universe rather than of the literal face of the man himself?

After all, Lovecraft was the creator of an influential cosmos replete with landscapes of unfathomable monsters and profound alien architectures.

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There is no drought in the search for Lovecraftian imagery to pay homage to his legacy and precedent in the field of weird fiction. He tries to save the latter by separating it from the former. His legacy is firmly planted. His cosmology sprawls from popular culture to niche corners of scholasticism.

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Complaints of a potentially tarnished reputation are more concerned with bolstering the illusion of Lovecraft as a sacrosanct figure. Even further, to divorce his racism from his literary creations would be a pyrrhic victory; what results is a whitewashed portrait of a profound writer. Traditionally, horror stories concern a monstrous perversion of the status quo, with characters seeking its resolution or restoration by extraordinary, and sometimes desperate, means.

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There is no hero in these tales. There are but two options his characters are thus faced with: go mad or run.

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Not quite. In all of his collected works, this may be the one where his racist opinions are made the most explicit.

It should come as no surprise that a racist imagination possess an uncanny ability to concoct the most outlandish and fiendish representations of minorities and immigrants; preexisting social hierarchies and political forces give those depictions life and validity. Yet another racist campfire tale from an unreliable narrator.


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Yet Darren Wilson is alive and Mike Brown is dead. In a just world, referring to an year-old as a bullet-thirsty maniacal demon beyond human understanding would not only be insufficient in any court of law—it would qualify as perjury or pure insanity. It was to conjure fear.

The man was arrested after a standoff with the police. Most recently, a suspicious and possibly armed man showed up at the law offices of Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Stephanie Clifford, the adult film performer known as Stormy Daniels, after Q posted a link to Mr.

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The man did not enter the premises. In an interview, Mr. Avenatti said.

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Decker said the prominence of QAnon T-shirts and signs at Mr. There are Facebook groups, one of the most popular of which has nearly 40, members sharing hundreds of posts with one another a day. Video explainers of Q followers talking through potential connected topics have racked up millions of views on YouTube , and the numbers of tweets out there are too numerous to count and the difficulty in discerning genuine posts versus bot activity makes Twitter a poor measuring stick anyway.

But perhaps the greatest signal of the sustained, dedicated audience for this discussion can be found in the seismic traffic to websites and apps set up to collect and curate preferred 4chan posts about Q.

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  7. The Qanon. Justin Bank is a senior editor for internet and audience. Liam Stack is a political reporter. Before joining the politics team, he was a general assignment reporter based in New York and a Middle East correspondent based in Cairo. Daniel Victor is a Hong Kong-based reporter, covering a wide variety of stories with a focus on breaking news. He joined The Times in from ProPublica. Log In. What is going on? The slightly longer version A growing group of people more on the scale and scope of that community below are coalescing around a collection of theories and half-thoughts that they believe reveal an untold story of current world events.