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Jones, Ph. His combination of missiological and counseling acumen make him especially suited to help missionaries not only prepare for the challenges of cross-cultural ministry but also persevere in their calling to make disciples of all nations.

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Yet, our soul is the most important part of who we are, and its care should not be relegated to the whims of cultural dictates. David Green, Ph.

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During our work together I learned clinical skills, ethical boundaries, but more importantly, how to walk with people through their healing journey, keeping in mind what God is already doing in their lives. I grew tremendously both professionally and personally. Today, I supervise a number of clinicians. I often reference many of the principles that I learned from David. Wells Counseling Services seeks life transformation by offering Christian counseling specializing in the integration of Biblical truths, relational consulting and soul care.

We offer couples counseling for a wide variety of issues and treat each couple according to the specific needs of their relationship. We also offer premarital services to get couples started on a solid foundation. Visit New Anchor Recovery for more information. Family Counseling.

Family therapy offers a way to view clinical problems within the context of a family. The goal of family counseling is to help family members improve communication, solve family problems, and understand and handle special family situations. It is not uncommon to implement both individual and family therapy to achieve optimal goals for an individual. We also offer specialized help for Blended Families.

Marriage Counseling: A Christian Approach to Counseling Couples

These are just some of the many testimonials received from our clients used with permission :. When I have needed to refer a teenager whose struggles are beyond my ability to fully process recovery, they have come alongside of me and our church to show the Truth and Grace of Jesus to hearts and minds that were broken.

I love how God has equipped them to love Him by loving hurting people. As much as pastors love their congregants, sometimes professional services are required to move the healing process along. I would recommend their services to anyone who is in need of emotional health, including pastors themselves.

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It is comforting to know that when I refer a patient to your practice, I know they will be treated with dignity and objectivity, without risk of prejudice or personal bias. I wish you continued success and pray for your work, which I realize at times must be both spiritually demanding and emotionally draining.

God bless you always! Stephen C. Mayers, Gulf Coast Medical Group. I was broken and had no hope.

Sitting with a therapist in the Wellspring Program I finally felt understood, validated, and had some hope that someone gets the trauma I've been through and could help me navigate such a confusing time. I attended the women's groups and did individual counseling. Worthington's strategy helps couples progress through conflict; it equips them with systematic skills to manage crisis.

The numerous interventions shared within this theory allow counselors to find the best fit for their clients. Hope-focused marriage counseling is a strategy that allows both pastors and marriage counselors to adapt a professional model for their counseling sessions in today's culture. It is realistic and very applicable to the church or clinic setting. I would disagree.

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Scripture is not only our counseling manual—it is our Counselor. Jesus Christ is our Counselor- Isaiah , the Word made flesh. The Word is our counseling manual and Counselor. I have more understanding than all my teachers, for Your testimonies are my meditation.

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I understand more than the ancients, because I keep Your precepts. He discusses counselors as ambassadors of the living God; and exhorts counselors to get couples moving closer to fulfilling the Great Commission within their own marriage. Counselors promote maturity in their clients that are Christian or non-Christian by emphasizing the important issues foundational to Christianity such as: love, faith, hope, forgiveness, commitment, moral integrity and faithfulness. These personal characteristics when encouraged in love and gentleness often draw the non-Christian or Christian to desiring a closer relationship with Jesus Christ Worthington, Scripture contributes to the framework of the theory as it focuses on love, faith, and work- Galatians It promotes marital commitment- Ephesians , 1 Corinthians , Hebrews ; it promotes harmony and reconciliation between people who are in conflict- Matthew ; it promotes love between Christians- 1 Corinthians , Ephesians ; and it promotes the marriage covenant- Malachi , Matthew Worthington, Couples counseling requires two people to simultaneously make changes in order to fully achieve goals and those goals might differ.

It is supported empirically to be effective in helping marriages overcome difficulties. Worthington desires more empirical tests to be conducted to thoroughly test the theory. Abinoja, Lisa Doot,M.

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Couple therapy: A new hope-focused approach. Ripley, J.

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Worthington, Everett Jr. Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling. Illinois: InterVarsity Press, Skip to content. The Theory The hope-focused approach to couples therapy is based on Christian principles primarily drawn from Galatians , "For in Christ neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything, but faith working through love. What is the therapy trying to accomplish?