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Mistah F.A.B.

The year-old rapper is practically ubiquitous in Oakland, a self-appointed hyphy spokesman. Another day he could be attending Oakland City Council meetings, speaking at the Commonwealth Club or visiting cancer patients at Children's Hospital. He has been chatting with Mayor-elect Ron Dellums about youth issues, including making a push for safe, regulated car-stunt events as an alternative to the illegal and dangerous late-night sideshows. Now, F. But Mistah F. He's so down to earth, he'll grab a cotton swab on a table and stick it in his ear during an interview.

He tilts his head and looks at the ceiling. I'm sorry if that was rude," he says.

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He giggles. The rapper, who sometimes calls himself Fabby Davis Jr. Very much relishing his success, he's decked out in ice -- a diamond earring, a diamond-encrusted grill on his teeth, a fat gold and diamond bracelet and gold chains around his neck, including his trademark medallion of a smiling bus with the words "FABBY" and "THIZZ" in jewels. His smile never leaves his round, dimpled baby face, and his eyes sparkle behind his long, long eyelashes.

The joyful, life-affirming aspect of hyphy -- the feel-good music, the blissed-out dancing and the beaming faces -- is often overlooked by those who only see chaos and recklessness. Even if it's just for that three minutes of that song or that entirety, it gives you a chance to look for something positive, have fun, go dance, go out and go club.

Mistah F.A.B. - SFGate

However, F. They just want to be noticed. No one's listening to them. There's no one in their homes.

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It's just basically a feeling of hopelessness, it's a feeling of no one's going to be there for you. Born Stanley P.

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  • Cox Jr. When F. Around that time, F. By the time he was in high school, competing in freestyle battles, people started to take notice, and eventually he was signed with the Thizz Entertainment label, home to hyphy pioneer Mac Dre. With this year's murder count already surpassing last year's, sudden death is a bleak reality in Oakland's inner-city youth culture, where the teenagers wear homemade R.

    And what we don't realize as youth is that we subliminal and in disguise, we salute death. But it's scary, because we don't even know what we doing until you sit back and really look. You give so much praise to these dead people that you don't value those who are living life successfully. I was like, 'Let me put some pictures of Oprah up or something.

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    Although the hyphy rallying cries are "go dumb, get stupid, go retarded," and "ride the yellow bus" is a play on the short bus that children with disabilities ride, F. You really despised that. But what I've done is, I've turned that around. The subliminal message in between the message is 'Ride this bus to school, man. It's cool to go to school. I done made it cool -- they don't get talked about anymore. Curry was the guest of honor, but F. The Warriors now call San Francisco home, but Curry never will forget where his career started. He spent the last 10 years in Oakland, and he's not about to turn his back on The Town.

    Mistah F. He just straight ran Town business. He got his point across, man. He was like, Big Bank take Little Bank. This is a field day.

    Mistah F.A.B.

    All it takes is for one battle, one bar, and somebody could steal the whole momentum of the crowd and whatnot, you know? He really comes from that life, though. He know where he come from.

    Mistah Mez - Put It On Me (Feat. Rebecca Rosher) RnBass

    When the Warriors leave Oakland for San Francisco as they transition from Oracle Arena to Chase Center this summer, one of their biggest fans won't be too happy.