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Karmen: keeping it real Why do we need the media to reflect reality? We have reality for reality. We need the media because we need a place to dream, to invent, to sort, to take chances, to make mistakes relatively safely without risking our lives, to try one wild idea after another and see what works, what doesn't, and what we never thought possible.

The media is our dreamscape, our vacation from reality, our great escape. If reality is our body, the media is our spirit.

Those who want to control the media not only want to control our minds, they want to break our spirit, outlaw beauty, dictate our future, and cripple our dreams. People who want to control the reality of others are bad enough. They are the thugs, criminals, and looters. But beware even more of anyone who wants to control the media. For they are the harbingers of living death.

Are women trying to screw themselves?

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Ironically they are doing it in order to "protect" children. Let's stop for a second to make sure we understand this point. These women are teaching their children that their mother's body - the thing that attracted their fathers to their mother and gave birth to them - is a bad thing. Never mind that you can't protect young girls by teaching them that their bodies are horrible. Never mind that teaching boys that women are evil will make chauvinists and predators out of them.

So we watch with horror as women the world over attack sexy models on the covers of magazines in grocery stores, as they publicly shame women at the beach for wearing bikinis, and as they press their politicians to outlaw attractive women on TV, for stricter dress codes at work, and stricter "morals" in music videos. It's just as if women actually want to be politically and forcibly reduced to nothing but rightless breeding cows under Sharia law.

If that is what they want they are on exactly the right track. And if it isn't, well, so far, they have sure fooled us.

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From where we stand, it definitely appears the start of the new millenium will go down in history as the era when women the world over totally screwed themselves. Ladies, please please please prove us wrong. Nudity alone is not enough to quality a woman as undignified, therefore nudity alone is not enough to qualify as objectification. Objectification also requires a woman to be treated as a tool for others' purposes. Glamour photos may be a "tool" for titillation, but the models are not. Nor could they ever be, unless they were slaves.

NoMorePage3, however, which is a campaign to fire all Page3 models, does objectify women. It robs them of their dignity by treating models as mere tools for NMP3's political gain - as mindless, expendable objects, neither asking the models' opinion nor giving them any choice. Like anyone who tries to victimise innocent women NoMorePage3 tries to dehumanise their victims. This is one of the reasons we like to do Day in the Life series on BiM.

We treat models as real people with real lives with real feelings and real power over their lives. Most of the nipples freed in public will belong to breastfeeding mothers and most of the nipples freed in the media will belong to models. The group doing this in Britain right now is called NoMorePage3. Page3 is a daily topless glamour model in many of the tabloids that has come to be a bit of an institution over the last 40 years to the point it now uses its popularity and power to promote many important charities.

Britain has also had legalised public breastfeeding for roughly the same period. Britain freed the nipple long ago. Canada tried to solve the "problem" of topless models when it freed nipples. This somewhat ambiguous message resulted in very few women actually going topless in Ontario. Nipples were free in public, but not in the paper. The old laws were gone, but the stigma remained. And so did the sleeping power in women's breasts. This is the real reason to free women's bodies: to empower them to bring personal freedom, positive change and ultimately happiness back into our lives.

The aesthetic power of the human body has always inspired morality in humankind, from Greek gods to the Renaissance to modern superheros. It's time to free women's bodies - to free the nipple culturally and commercially - on main street and in the media, so the world can finally have the much needed divine feminine as a model and equal influence in building a new ethos. Scout rightly reminded this person that the model is a person who deserves respect.

Personally we find it odd that so many people make so many assumptions - usually negative ones - about beautiful women, especially those who pose nude. Perhaps this is one of the reasons so many women these days seem to resent glamour photography. So in the interest of fighting this kind of lookist bigotry we thought some of you might be interested to know that the model in the censored photo and in this "Breathless" set is not a professional nude model or porn star.

There's a reason bigotry is wrong. Lookism, racism, sexism, ageism all cause us to commit injustice against good people, and make only the person doing it look bad. After all it's women who are changing the world these days, not men. And they're doing it with their breasts.

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Armed with an irresistibly good nature and of course breasts the size of So to speak. We sincerely hope breasts do become the new symbol for bravery. If they do, it will change forever the meaning of the phrase "She's got real boobs! And with 7 billion people on the planet we'd say it's doing its job quite well. What most people don't know is that nature has an additional purpose in mind for female beauty, one meant to temper blind reproduction, and that is: to inspire morality. Beauty inspires morality by lighting up our brains every time we see the image of our values.

For example you will find your dream home beautiful, or a country that has the sort of geography you prefer will be first on your vacation plans because it will look beautiful to you.


Female beauty is no different. It always represents your values in a woman. It doesn't matter who you are or where you live it will always be true. It is an objective unchanging principle of female beauty. Ethics is part of our nature, as sure as reproduction is. And female beauty inspires both. It's our hope that human beings will learn to use the power of female beauty ethically as well as sexually, to inspire change in ourselves and improvements in our world, just as nature intended.

If we don't learn, the future doesn't look very bright or beautiful. Inner beauty versus outer beauty Many people claim that when it comes to human females, unlike everything else in the universe, beauty is actually on the inside. But by praising "inner beauty" they are actually attempting to downplay and belittle "outer" beauty.

This is why they never tell us exactly what character traits actually create this "inner beauty". But in reality, "inner beauty" is responsible for making a woman beautiful - not figuratively, but literally. If a woman like Vika appears to possess these things then she becomes more beautiful, not just on the inside, but outside , where it counts. Inner beauty already has a name. It's called character. Let's give outer beauty its due, and its own word. How about "beauty". The unbearable innocence of Page 3 Page 3 is the most innocent form of female nudity possible.

It is not porn as many of its protestors claim, it's not even sexual. The models are young, healthy, confident women who generally just stand there topless, smiling benevolently. There are no overt sexual overtones, no bitten fingers, no fake pouts, no guilty sneers or coy slyness, no feigned moans of sexual ecstasy. Just a pleasant woman with a nice body. Plain and simple. And beautiful. And innocent. We believe that is precisely why Page 3 is so often attacked.

Not because it's disgusting porn, but because it's not. Launched in the s at the height of the women's movement Page 3 introduced nudity to newspapers for the first time and remains a placeholder and touchstone of freedom and empowerment for women. For example, FEMEN's topless public protests would never get the media coverage they do today if not for Page 3 and what's behind it: the belief that there is something inherently good and appealingly powerful in female beauty and sexuality. Page 3's innocent virtues have garnered respect for the female body from a majority of an entire country.

To our knowledge this has never happened before, ever, anywhere. Unfortunately, it's also attracted what sexy women always do: hatred. For centuries ignorance of the female body and the nature of its beauty led to fear of female sexuality on an almost hysterical scale. Virgins were believed to have enough raw sexual power to appease gods and were summarily sacrificed, witches were burned alive to rid the world of a power people could only conceive of as satanic. It's been easy for haters to make people see female beauty and sexuality as a scary and powerful force.

And they used this fear to deny women freedom and rights throughout history.

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But what is this scary, powerful force in female sexuality? Satan himself? It's innocence. Innocence is the force people have feared in women for millennia. They fear it because it threatens the moral stranglehold they've had on women.