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She felt that she had gone down a dead end, and her mind began to whirl like a spinning top. She paused at the corner, not knowing what to do or where to go.

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Opposite her there was a bustling ice cream shop; she thought to ask there. She knew it was too late to try to escape; no one ever managed to flee their destiny. She could try a thousand things and all would be useless. Sometimes destiny suddenly presented itself, just like death. All that was left was for her to resign herself to her sad end. Convinced of her fate, she meekly let herself be led along. They sat at the only free table and he ordered two Coca-Colas. There were lots of people and lots of noise, voices, peals of laughter, the jukebox blaring. Tina was completely dazed and very frightened.

When he smiled his eyes lit up. His eyes were black, somewhat almond-shaped. The waitress arrived with the sodas. While he poured them, she closely observed the bottles and the liquid. She was well aware, thanks to the newspapers, that they would drug your drink, and as the sodas had been brought uncapped, it would be very easy.

What do you do? Tina began to tell him, with great difficulty, that she worked in a sweater factory. She recited the words reluctantly; fear had dried out her throat. Although maybe they put something flavorless in it. The young man insisted on knowing more details about her: her family, whom she lived with, what she liked to do, where she liked to go. Tina began to exhume her dead and invent brothers and sisters. If he found out, he was capable of coming into her room and right then and there. And icy water poured down her spine, making her shiver.

He had risked leaving home, thinking that there were more opportunities in the capital. Tina listened, knowing ahead of time that everything he said or might possibly say was false. A lesson learned by memory and practiced many times, God knew how many. All guys like him operated the same way. She wondered desperately what she had done, why or in what way she was going to be punished.

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There were three couples at the next table. Without wanting to, Tina saw a woman with dyed blond hair throw her arms around the neck of the man next to her and begin to kiss him in front of everyone with total shamelessness. Tina immediately looked away, sensing herself blush all the way to the roots of her hair.

She suddenly felt a terrible, mortal fear of the hours to come: Where would he take her? How would he begin? Again she refused, but then she thought it was a good idea to spend as much time as possible in the ice cream shop, because nothing could happen to her there. They drank another soda, and he went on chatting and asking questions, coaxing words from her. He conversed with a smooth and well-modulated voice, in caressing tones.

Was he one of those men who beat girls brutally? Or perhaps with no further explanation he would pounce on her and rip her clothes off; then again, there were some who killed first and afterward.

He asked whether she was feeling ill, and Tina could barely answer no, that it was very hot in there. Then the young man paid the bill and they left the ice cream shop. He suggested they go to a certain corner, because taxis always passed there, at all hours. And Tina went on telling herself that the accomplice taxi must be there. But she let herself be carried along, convinced that this was her destiny, which had to be fulfilled whether she resisted or not.

And sure enough they had hardly arrived when he stopped a cab. When the young man asked for her address, she gave it to him without hesitating, certain that he would take her to another very different one. Did you see how big the moon is? She would die of shame without ever being able to show her face, surely she would appear in the newspapers, like so many other girls who suffered the same fate—how could she look Rosa and Santiago in the eyes then, how could she kiss their children?

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She told herself that it was only natural the parents had been opposed, surely she was a good girl and he had. A strange and unfamiliar feeling was invading her; she noticed all of a sudden that the young man was pressing her hand tightly between his, and she pulled it away in great shame, vexed with herself for her unpardonable carelessness. She saw herself stripped of her clothes, in a sordid room, at his mercy, and him coming closer, closer. A hot wave of shame engulfed her and at the same time the chill of her nakedness made her shiver and shrink further into the corner of the back seat as if she were an animal crouched in hiding.

He went on talking about how much it had struck him to see those same eyes again.

Nothing Good Ever Happens to Tina: A Short Story

At first, when she had boarded the bus, he had thought she was his old girlfriend. But it was better this way, he was very happy to have met Tina, to have found her, when he felt so lonely and so bored, with no one to go out with, no one to chat with, and he said other things that Tina, her head spinning with her unleashed thoughts, barely heard. The moment was near and she was seized with terror. It all made her feel ashamed: What would they think of her?

How terrible the police stations must be, the police themselves, the endless and degrading questions—what would he say? The moment had arrived, and she was swept up in an enormous whirlwind of thoughts and images that thronged and spliced and succeeded one another with the speed of a cinematographic film suddenly and vertiginously unwound. She had crossed the threshold of her destiny had passed through the door of a sordid hotel room and went running down the street in a frantic desperate race crashing into people running into them all like bodies alone in the dark that meet intertwine join together separate join together again panting voracious insatiable possessing and possessed rising and falling riding in a blind race to the end with a collapse a sudden fall into nothingness outside of time and space.

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Mia IMs Tina about this and tells her that he said he wouldn't wait forever, but Tina tells her they need to talk about it. After it is announced that Mia has won the election Tina joins their friends in singing We Are the Champions in the hall. Tina is the secretary for the student council, though she has to miss a meeting due to her brother flushing her retainer down the toilet.

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Tina finds out later about the student council being broke and is in favor of selling candles to make back the money. Mia asks Tina about Michael's party and Tina tells her it's ok that she is not a party girl, though Mia is not convinced. Tina asks for an invite to Aide de Ferme. She auditions for Braid! She assumes Lilly will be cast as Rosagunde.