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Although Phil, Bob and Derek were given similar testosterone suppressing medications, they all experienced very different side effects. I think my difficulties with sleeping were mainly because I was waking up every couple of hours to use the toilet. I also have sleep apnoea and sleep with a CPAP machine so I went from seven straight hours of unbroken sleep to a broken sleep pattern. It had no effect other than to increase the flow when I did urinate.

They were similar to a rush of perspiration over my whole body. As they occurred after I woke up the discomfort went away very quickly. Although I have noticed that I still sometimes break out in perspiration after my first morning coffee. However he believes his recent involvement in an exercise program , has helped him cope. Some of my strength and endurance has returned. I am less tired and can do more work in the garden, home and on my vehicles.

I am now able to drive longer distances Perth to Kalgoorlie without the need for someone to take over driving so I can rest. Bob experienced more severe side effects while using testosterone supressing therapy. Bob said knowing what to expect helped. She experienced a similar problem with libido while she was being treated for breast cancer, so she could really understand what I was going through. There were still lots of ways we could express our intimacy for each other, kissing, holding hands and cuddling and we continued to enjoy that.

I have a fairly busy lifestyle and still operate two cafes, so I need to be fairly motivated. But procrastination became a way of life for six months or more. It was so frustrating, thinking of all the things that needed to be done but not having the energy or get up and go to tackle them. It was a bit of a double whammy.

The Prostate Cancer Story

I was tired from getting up to go to the gym. The staff took over so I could have that time off. But the few occasions when I had to work through the afternoon were really difficult to cope with. It helped that Suzie was really understanding. She knew it was what my body needed and would tell me to go home and sleep in the afternoon. I was pretty patient. With treatment that all changed.

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I was on a short fuse again, my temper would flare up momentarily, like when someone throws fuel on a fire. Once I almost phoned the police thinking it had been stolen! Then I started writing things down, like the row I parked my car in. Losing the car has stopped. When the hormone therapy came to an end each of the men started radiotherapy. I put this down to the technology used called IGRT Image Guided Radio Therapy which as I understand it focuses the radiotherapy onto a confined area, thus reducing the side effect impact. The main one was drinking ml of water, three quarters of an hour before treatment and holding on to it.

Drinking the water was okay, but I was having difficulty keeping it in. If I needed to urinate that meant I had to delay treatment so I would drink more water. I feel this assisted and was part of the reason I experienced minimal side effects. I think it was more like a dripping tap! Thankfully it only affected me in the morning till about It was on my thigh.

The skin was tender but I treated it with skin cream and it went away. Importantly my overall wellbeing, emotional state and health were not impacted at all. If anything I felt better at the end of the treatment than at the beginning as the effects of the hormonal therapy were wearing off. The main side effect Derek experienced was fatigue. During this part of the treatment I would often take an afternoon nap. Phil had a more difficult time, coping with the side effects of both radiation and chemotherapy. If I got a flat tyre on my four wheel drive, a regular occurrence when expedition driving, I was unable to change it.

If my lawn needed mowing, despite having a self-propelled lawnmower, I would mow the front lawn one day and the back lawn the next. I relied on family to carry out handyman work at home. Overall I felt useless.

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Now that their hormonal and radiation therapy are over, Bob and Derek said everything is getting back to normal. My body hair is growing back but my libido is still lower than it was. We would like to show the full range of what people are experiencing, so what you read here might be sad, funny, confusing, beautiful, angry, or triumphant. We would like to showcase as many stories as possible and we will continue to add to this page. Since , the Us TOO prostate cancer support group in Rochester NY has conducted monthly patient education seminars on a wide variety of topics - one topic per month, facilitated by a local urologist, oncologist or subject matter expert.

It is my intention to approach our regional cancer centers and ask their management to consider a plan for making future Us TOO Community Conversations available for viewing in a conference room or auditorium and to then promote attendance among their patients and the larger community. If you have a SEA Story you would like to share about your personal experience with prostate cancer or the support community, please contact Tim Mix, Communications Manager at timothym ustoo. Subscribe Fill out my Wufoo form! He is also someone who has directly experienced the positive impact of an Us TOO support group.


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Twenty-three years ago, he was prepared to undergo a radical prostatectomy to treat his prostate cancer. Twenty-three years later, we are pleased to have Horst and his family joining us once again at SEA Blue. Pictured: Horst Elendt. This year, he provides heartfelt, courageous and inspirational perspective on entering a "fresh chapter" in his life Dave Fogel K-Hits He caught his prostate cancer early through a PSA test and wants to help spread awareness about the disease.

Exactly one year later, he ran a marathon. He works together with his local team to strengthen and extend the reach of Us TOO in his community.

Erin and Steve Andrews talk about their personal experience with prostate cancer

The integrity, warmth and compassion that he provides to his group each month supports the credibility of the organization. She helped fill that need as one of the founders of SEA Blue. He has a long history of helping others through many different difficult situations. His outlook on life is truly inspirational and well worth your time to read. Pictured: Jerry Deans. Their arrival at the event site is always a busload of vim, vigor, blazing blue, and early morning enthusiasm.

This SEA Story describes what makes the team tick. Pictured: Darryl and Debbie Trinco.

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Us TOO support groups offer a great forum where those who are affected by prostate cancer can exchange information and advice. You can often see the panic and helplessness of those newly diagnosed, and it has been extremely gratifying to have helped those in need become confident in their treatment decisions as they themselves often help others. When we end our support group meetings, we all feel better than when we came. Doctors can perform surgery or other treatment but it is the members who help us all heal. Thank you!

Knowledge. Confidence. Hope.

I have been an Us TOO support group leader since In that time, I have seen many changes in both the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. The Us TOO organization has allowed me to provide my support group members with the most current information available regarding prostate cancer. Us TOO gives me a sense of confidence that I am staying current in my knowledge of the constantly evolving ways to deal with this disease.