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This would not appeal to me in the least then. I was looking for a more serious treatment of the subject matter. Some of you might like to try Conceit by Mary Novik. It is about the romance between John Donne and Ann More in 17th-century England , and the fabulous love poems he wrote to her. There are several other love relationships in the novel, too. Lots of fun. The author has a website with a "backgrounds" area with info about the historical period, www.

Can i say that Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is the best series ever! Historian Alison Weir has recently turned to fiction; I liked her book about Lady Jane Grey very much, too -- couldn't get into the most recent one, The Lady Elizabeth even though I'm a major major Tudor fan, but that could be just me, it's gotten good reviews elsewhere from good sources like Laura Miller at Salon. Sarah Dunant's stuff is great, too. I'm glad to see Georgette Heyer is still popular -- my mom and grandmother used to read her books so they were always in the house when I was a kid and I read a lot of them and liked them a lot.

I have recently read two ARCs that I would consider historical fiction with a romantic storyline - I think they've been released but am not sure. Fictionalized story of parts of their lives that I really enjoyed reading.

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco // Mystery & Romance Done Right

Midwife of the Blue Ridge by Christine Blevins - the title is a bit off-putting, but it's the story of a Scots indentured servant in the s in the colonies. I just adored it for it's historical detail and sticking true to the feeling of the time. I agree with allanjackson above about Conceit by Mary Novik. It is an excellent read, quite a bit more literary, with a lot more going on, than Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier, though they have been compared.

It has also been likened to A. Byatt's Possession and that seems more accurate. Sandra Gulland recently wrote a glowing review of Conceit on Amazon and given Gulland's own reputation, that says a lot for Novik's book. I'm new to the group but I still have to put in my two cents worth I fell in love with Enemy Women , the format of it will probably drive you nuts but the storyline is well worth it.

It's the reason why I joined this group. Have any of you guys heard anything good or bad about either one? I love the Civil War Era, so any recommendations on that time period would be most welcomed I am not a fan of romance novels bodice rippers Vicorian-era England mysteries--these were written so well, I stayed up until 2am to finish. Silent in the Santuary is the sequil to Silent in the Grave, but I read it first and liked it best of the two. I love Deanna Raybourn's novels. By the way, did you know that she has a third book coming out next year? It's called Silent on the Moor. And Raybourn is apparently working on a fourth novel, but that one won't be about Lady Julia and Nicholas Brisbane.

A little unusual, but entertaining and interesting. There's romance but it's certainly not a bodice-ripper. I hadn't heard, though, that that would be the last Lady Julia and Nicholas Brisbane--that's horrible! I protest! I also heard that the cover won't be the beautiful richly colored 'signature' cover of the other two, but rather it will look much more 'romancy', which, I think, draws away from the 'mystery' plot altogether.

I hope they scratch that idea before printing. They sound great!

Thanks for the rec You guys are awesome, I knew that I stayed with LT for a reason. My little list has grown so much. Now off to the used book store to scour the shelves I've seen the new covers for the reprints of Grave and Santuary, and I agree, they're not as good as the old. She also intended to set the books in the Regency period, but something didn't feel right, so she went and changed the setting to Victorian.

I don't think that Silent on the Moor will be the last Julia and Nicholas--I've heard that Raybourn wanted to change tack for a while. The book she's currently writing is supposedly more gothic in tone, and it's about lepidopterists. Wisewoman--Glad to be of help! Also glad to hear Lady Julia and Brisbane won't be 'fading off into the mist' of the Moor. I will, though, give Raybourn's sidetrack a look-see, since I like her writing.

One historical with a romance or two or three in it that I recently finished is The Gates of trevalyan absolutely incredibly written book set during the Civil War. I reviewed it on my blog if you are interested. It is about a girl who falls in love with a soldier who is going out to fight in the Civil War.

The Mistress by Danielle Steel (Full Audiobook)

Momgee, I just rec'd my early reviewer's copy of The Gates of Trevalyan yesterday! I will wait until I've read and reviewed it before I read yours:. I recommend Jack Whyte's very well-written "Camulod Chronicles" series 8 books about the shaping of Britain from the days of Roman occupation through the mythological reign of Arthur.

These novels, starting in AD with The Skystone, encompass the fictional lives of Arthur ancestors including quite a bit of romance told against a backdrop of truly interesting military and anthropological — but never boring — history, that is accurate and deeply layered throughout the novels.

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The Arthurian legend is presented as if it were history also, woven throughout the stories without the magic and mysticism — a feat well-executed by the author. I revel in a well-told historical novel, without too much sicky-sweet romance, and found these captivating. And, if on another day, you find yourself wanting a little more swash-buckling and bodice-ripping, but still well-researched and decently written historical fiction, as I sometimes do, I also recommend the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell.

The stories encompass his life, loves and battles — quite entertaining and colorful. Oh, and Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series novels — the closest I shall ever get to reading "romance novels" — don't miss them! They are truly wonderful. I can also heartily recommend a new book, Blindspot by Jane Kamensky and Jill Lepore -- the two authors are history professors and best friends and this is their first foray into fiction; it's a bit of a sendup of an 18th century novel, but a tribute, too, and it deals with some serious issues, like slavery.

Despite all that, it is often very funny I was dubious about the premise and about the idea of two historians writing a novel together, but I think they pulled it off wonderfully.

It has a romantic element and a unique approach to writing historical fiction. Although, the romantic story line is fictional, the rest of the story is based upon a real woman. The sores is fantastic and I really enjoyed it. I found myself doing a lot of research afterwards learning more about the subject. Unlike her Falco books which I like too this one is purely about the real historical romance between the Emperor-to-be Vespasian and the slave Caenis. This message has been flagged by multiple users and is no longer displayed show.

Many consider Lawrence Schoonover's books romances. They are methodically researched, but always have a romantic side to them. It was a marriage of diplomacy, but she continued to give him children when she wasn't off fighting the Moors. A young Janissary falls in love or lust with an Egyptian gold digger who has a fling with the young warrior in Turkey just before the conquest of Constantinople. She dumps him for her rich ex-husband, and the man rejoins the army in time to invade Byzantium and find a Venetian girl there, his childhood sweetheart.

Read more about them on Amazon. I'm not sure how far back you want to go, but I recently picked up an ARC copy of a book I had never heard of at a charity used book sale Letters from an Age of Reason by Nora Hague So far it's awesome. It is easy reading, fun, witty and the characters are great. It's just very entertaining so far.

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There is a lot more going on than just the love story, the time being considered. It's a big one pages.

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I must also highly recomend the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. It was the series that got me into reading historical fiction. Also on the lighter side Lauren Willig's Pink Carnation series is awsome although it takes place in the past and present and has no historical accuracy don't know if that is a requirement. A beautiful story set in and near Florence from into the early s, follows the life of a young girl of extraordinary talent and courage.

I'm looking for historical fiction with a romantic storyline set in the 16th century, preferably focusing on the lower classes like farmers. Does anybody know of anything? I have already discovered the books about the Boleyn girls, but they are focusing on the higher classes, so if anyone has an idea, it is greatly appreciated! I know this topic has been around for a long time and I hope Kathleen Woodwiess didn't make the touchstones because something went wrong. Hope it helps. Thanks Ddelmoni - for now I bought one of the Boleyn books for my sister in law who is the one fascinated by that period , let's see how she likes it!

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I believe that a very clear distinction can be made between historical fiction and historical romances. I have started reading books by Michelle Moran. She has written two surrounding ancient egypt, Nefertiti and The Heretic Queen. The last one is called Cleopatra's Daughter, and that one ties into ancient Rome.

All three are exciting and have a romantic theme to them. I highly recommend "Moon Dance" by Susan K. It was recently released, and my book club and I can't put it down! It is a romantic storyline tied in with the depression era setting without any bodice ripping events ;. You really bond with the characters and want to keep reading to find out what will happen next. Flows smoothly throughout and I didn't want it to end. Hard to find, but I still enjoy Phyllis Whitney's novels. I also like Janette Oke pioneer romance and Susan K.