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Though it happens amidst angry protest and the political chaos of a succession of four mayors in eight years, the housing plan — and the work of integration — march forward.

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Nick Waciscko, however, suffers a different fate. After losing his mayoral seat for largely the same reasons as his predecessor, Nick flails about, struggling to find a way to relaunch his political ambitions and licking his wounds because very few locals remember the central role he played in moving the housing plan forward during his two- year stint in office. If we can get you to care about Nick, we might just have a chance to tell a story about hyper-segregation, public housing and politics.

There are five female characters whose stories gradually take up more screen time as the series progresses, but Mary Dorman, portrayed by Catherine Keener, is the only one who takes individual shape in the early episodes. In a humorous but symbolic moment, Nick directly picks up the phone and converses with Mary, again gently pleading his case.

The struggle to gain name recognition especially for an upstart with a tongue-twisting Polish name like Waciscko is a recurrent theme for many characters. Simon makes a clear point here: that the means to make oneself known are more available to whites, especially males, than they are to poor people of color.

Show Me A Hero

Details like these allow Simon to draw a brilliant contrast with the four other main characters, all women of color who are introduced to us amidst a sea of other people, intentionally unnamed. We watch as each of them is drawn into the atmosphere of hopelessness embodied by their large public housing apartment building.

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Despite the waiting lists, overly strict rules, and racist neighbors standing in their way, these women persist to better their personal conditions. Mary and Doreen both realize that the only way to improve their neighborhoods is to get involved in them, and they both, to some degree, assert themselves as activists. When they are received hostilely by their new white neighbors, however, it is not the erstwhile, ambitious Waciscko who leads the charge to stabilize the situation. Mary, Doreen, and other minor characters take over the wheel, while Nick spirals into depression and paranoia, rejected by the voters and the local political establishment.

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Nick does make a few bizarre attempts to connect with the beneficiaries of the townhomes initiative. It reveals slight but significant shifts in race and class lines that result from integration, and it succeeds in getting viewers to care about the tangled nest of policy and politics at the heart of the decades-old Yonkers housing crisis. Most importantly, it shows how social and cultural change in America happens — messily and incrementally.

Why did Doreen, for example, not grab the baton mid-series and gradually assume the central narrative thread?


Simon is right to believe that audiences need a hero, however foiled, in order to get invested in stories about politics, citizenship, and the forces of social change. But perhaps he underestimates his audience by assuming that this Shakespearean hero — and the magnetic actor portraying the role — must necessarily be white and male. Bruce Springsteen feels that his music "judges the distance between American reality and the American dream"; so too does Show Me a Hero.

Springsteen sings of blue-collar workers like Nick Wasicsko, down on their luck boxers, killers from Nebraska, immigrants in The Ghost of Tom Joad album. The American dream that they believe in is quite distant from the reality of their day-to-day lives, whether caused by economic strife or losing the ones they love.

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No gulf between reality and dream is as wide as that of the people of color we see in Show Me a Hero. They struggle against the political system, protest, and speak out at city hall meetings where white Yonkers citizens vehemently voice their hostilities, willing to do anything to keep them out of their neighborhoods, in the mistaken belief that people of color are the root of drugs and crime.

It becomes an endless cycle in which no one can rise above their circumstances, because no one will provide them the opportunities, and the system itself, which should provide those opportunities, blames them. Springsteen's songs don't just echo Wasicsko's journey and internal life, but all of the characters in Show Me a Hero desperate for better lives.

The series is that it does not sanctify Nick Wasicsko as a pioneer for equal housing and the end of racism.

He's not ideologically tied to the housing project; it's not a cause he champions because of his whole-hearted belief in it. He does care about his job if only out of self-interest , but he finds politics to be a dirty game of popularity and power, rather than a way to do good for the world. The reality of his profession collides with his childhood dreams.

Soon, to paraphrase Springsteen's "The Promise", every day just got harder to live the dream he believed in. Show Me a Hero , like Springsteen, questions the reality of the American dream of leadership. Can one be a leader in such a complicated system? Do politics help us get close to the American dream or push us further from it? In "Hungry Heart", Springsteen reminds us that "everybody needs a place to rest, everybody wants to have a home. Everyone wants to have a good home in an accepting community surrounded by those they love.

In Show Me a Hero , people of color find themselves held down by oppressive whites in power who wish to block them from a simple dream, a right: a decent place to live. Wasicko wants a home in politics, and a loving home with his wife Nay. Springsteen's music ends up serving as the emotional and narrative core of Show Me a Hero.

His themes of the American dream, forging identity, and finding a home run throughout the narrative, and echo in the chosen songs. Caroline has also been featured as a guest writer on Bitch Flicks. TOPY and Genesis P-Orridge's knowing adoption of cult iconography and organizing principles quickly slid from satiric emulation to full embrace -- and we all went along with it. Composer Mario Diaz de Leon uses traditional classical instruments in combination with experimental electronics on his latest album Cycle and Reveal featuring four recent works.

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Hear it in full now. Prolific singer-songwriter Wallis Bird tackles inequality and a world in crisis with her compelling, freewheeling new album, Woman. On It Ain't the Same, Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jack Klatt offers hope that love and joy can still overcome the darkness of a world turned upside down. Electro duo the Juan MacLean release a flat collection of previously released house singles on The Brighter the Light.

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