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Taylor in his novel Kept 'frequently shifts gears from past tense to present to tauten a scene. Just notice the tense shift. HarperCollins, After the trial and after Sydney Carton has taken the place of Charles Darnay in jail, the drugged Darnay and his family are fleeing in the stagecoach from Paris. Suddenly we find that the story is in the present tense. This adds vividness and excitement and here marks a peak which encodes part of the notional structure denouement of the story.

Longacre, The Grammar of Discourse , 2nd ed. Plenum Press, It is familiar to readers of epic poetry, but people also use it when relating everyday anecdotes :.

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I was walking down Delancey Street the other day when a guy comes up to me and asks me for the time. Houghton Mifflin, Share Flipboard Email. Richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote college-level Grammar and Composition textbooks. Updated December 10, Fisher, The Legend of Diadamia. AuthorHouse, "Staring rigidly up at it, Justin is listening to her joyous protestations at his right side. Dizzy from travel, laden with last-minute hand luggage, the two of them have minutes earlier arrived here from London for the first time.

Off the road there was what appeared to be a reviewing stand, and I sat there for a few moments, taking in the museum and the cold blue Sunday sky, taking stock, what to do, what to do next, I'd really hate to cancel dinner tonight. One example is starting a story in past tense and suddenly shifting into present tense: Last week I was walking along a street when this man walks up to me and says. We do this in speech all the time, but in formal writing it's considered to be an error. Complete Course, Benchmark Edition. Pages clean, binding tight with minor cover wear. Teacher name on front cover, school stamp inside, "personal copy" written on bottom page foredge.

Pages clean, binding tight, cover shows light shelf wear.

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Pages may have stray markings, binding tight. Cover shows light to moderate wear. Pages clean, softcover shows light wear with teacher name on front.

Pages clean, light wear to cover. CR , Pages clean, binding tight, cover shows minimal wear, teacher name inside front cover, grade Revised Edition and Revised Edition with Supplement. Cover shows tears. No pages missing. School stamps inside front cover. Softcover Teacher's Manual for English Heritage Edition, tests, 4th course.

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Heritage Edition, Review Course. Pages clean and lightly discolored, binding tight, cover crisp. Instructor's manual. Binding may be loose. Pages may be rippled. Pages clean, binding tight, cover may show light wear. Level K. Level 2, grade 2. Full color consumable edition of student text, grade 2. Level 3, grade 3. Level 4, grade 4. Workbook Te for Harper Row English, level 4, grade 4.

Includes all tests and more. Level 5, grade 5. Pages clean, binding tight, cover shows almost perfect. Includes all tests and more, grade 5. Pages clean, binding tight, cover shows light wear and a piece of masking tape on front. Workbook Te for Harper Row English, level 8, grade 8. Tom Wolfe. Instructors edition. Grade 4, also CR May be missing a few pages. Includes 12 sample transparencies. Grade 12, Complete Course. Instructor's edition. Softcover, pages clean, binding tight, cover crisp. Softcover, pages and cover crisp.

Introductory Course. Support for the Reading Workshops Chapters Introductory Course, pages, transparencies, and cover are crisp. Second Course, grade 7. Teacher's Manual. Second Course, grade 8, for Windows and Macintosh.

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Teacher's Guide for spelling workbook. Second Course, grade 8. Includes student worksheets and key. Te, never used. Review Copy.


Includes worksheets, chapter reviews, writing application and more. Fifth Course, grade Pages clean, binding tight, softcover crisp with minimal wear. Has loose pages, call for info. Includes student worksheets, answer key and more. For use with Reading Workshops, Chapters Sixth course, grade Includes writing assignments, optional projects, portfolio management, evaluation forms and more.

For use with Reading and Writing Workshops chapters Includes graphic organizers, worksheets, answer keys and transparencies.

Includes student worksheets and answer key. Includes student worksheets, writer's reference sheets and answer key. For use with chapters First Course, revised edition. Several pages may also have light discoloration. Transparencies and tabs crisp.