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And is not slowing down. Shelters and groups in California and Texas have organized massive efforts to send hundreds of their GSDs to others around the U. At least now we know why. Yet endless requests keep coming from all directions — local and far-away shelters, owners, finders, concerned citizens, neighbors, people who get a free dog and then can't handle it.

Breaking the Chain on Dogfighting

More and more owners decide their dog no longer ''fits'' with their schedules or ''lifestyles''. Most dogs need retraining, many need serious rehab, others need extensive medical care. The dogs need all hands on deck to survive. All GSD lovers need to step up.

Tomorrow is too late. Many dogs will be out of time by then. They will leave this world unloved, unwanted, terrified, in pain. We beg you!

Dumped on the streets by her owner - Dog With Heavy Chain Around Her Neck Begs For Help

Come help us save as many as we can of the thousands of GSDs who die in this country every year. Please -- pray for our beloved breed.

Read e-book Silent Dogs on Heavy Chains

Pray for every one of the hundreds who are being neglected, abandoned, and dumped every day. Pray for the ones who are safe in a home today but will be thrown away next week and sit on death row.

Then get to work to save them. Together we can work miracles. Max is a gorgeous 1-year old stray whose front leg was sheared completely off by a car moving at a high rate of speed. The driver didn't bother to stop and his leg was never found. Fortunately the friction cauterized the wound or he would have bled to death in minutes.

The rest of his shoulder joint was surgically removed in order to have enough skin to close over the massive, gaping wound. As a young dog he was very active and we were afraid he would keep reopening the wound, so we enlisted a dedicated group of "Max-Sitters" -- volunteers who sat with him during the day to distract him.

They helped him heal quickly and well. After hundreds of hours of Max-Sitting and thousands of dollars, Max was happy and healthy, and we found him an incredible family with a doggie sister where today he's loved, treasured and living it up! You went through hell but you got your heaven on earth and we love you. Once in MOGS' care, we immediately began treatment for severe dysplasia in both hips, severe arthritis in his left knee, injured paws from overgrown nails, and epilepsy with active, untreated seizures.

He had several broken and missing teeth from chewing on his heavy chain. Sadly, he passed away in December from torsion. We love you forever.


Types Of Animal Abuse

Should the public suspect clandestine criminal activity specifically with regards to dog fighting, they are urged to contact the NSPCA by:. Email: nspca nspca. Your identity is protected and you can remain anonymous if you so choose. Your donation will assist us in continuing to expose dogfighters and bring these perpetrators to justice.

Dog Control and Pound Keeper services in the Okanagan & Thompson-Nicola

The points below will assist in equip the public with knowledge into the crime as well as provide steps on how to help the NSPCA find these criminals out as well as care for and home these animals. How to recognise dog fighting A Pit Bull dog fighting ring could be happening right under your nose.

The points below highlight what you should be on the lookout for: Pit Bulls kept on heavy chains or confined in small areas Residences or properties with multiple pit bulls which are unsterilised, unsocialised or unfriendly to other animals Pit Bulls who show evidence of repeated injuries Dogs with multiple scars or injuries on their bodies, especially their faces, front legs, chests, hind legs, thighs and ears Purpose built fighting pits or square makeshift fighting areas with blood stains on floors and walls The presence of training equipment, such as slat mills, treadmills, catmills, springpoles or break sticks, or veterinary supplies and steroids Frequent or regular change in dogs at a specific property.