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We actually found out very early on in the story that Ridge had a girlfriend, Maggie, and it was abundantly clear that she wasn't just a random girl he was semi-attached to. No, this was a girl who he was completely and totally, til-the-day-I-die in love with. She was kind, sweet, loving and honestly just a beautiful character both inside and out.

But when Ridge and Sydney met, they too had an undeniable, soul-deep connection.

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Now, before you ask, this is also not a cheating book either. Ridge loved Maggie and would never want to hurt her, and Sydney had just come out of a relationship where she was betrayed by her boyfriend so in no way would she ever want to put another girl in the situation she was in. But, despite their best intentions, that connection between her and Ridge grew stronger and stronger even though they both fought it with everything they had.

I was so conflicted because there was no right or wrong here.

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No good guy or bad guy. I knew that this was Ridge and Sydney's story so my heart was rooting for them but I couldn't help but wonder Because in that case, Sydney would have been the "bad guy" for representing a threat to their relationship. I mean, as much as I hated to admit it, didn't Maggie deserve to be with Ridge just as much as Sydney? And it didn't help that both Sydney and Maggie were such wonderfully sweet people and neither of them had any flaws that made it easy to justify disliking them for any reason.

Are you listening? You and I are officially at war. You can't be annoyed with anyone, you can't fault anyone, and there is no one to blame.

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There's nothing that makes you feel better about or justifies what you're feeling. I didn't want anyone to get hurt and I couldn't pick a side. It just hurt. But I had no idea who I was hurting for. No black, white, or even grey zones. There were just people. And feelings. Strong, powerful, all-consuming feelings.

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And choices. Impossibly painful, heart-wrenching choices and still Or I hate my conscience. The two are constantly at war and I'm not sure which one I'd rather turn off. No matter what the brain insists on, at the end of the day, the heart calls the shots and no matter how much we try and fight it, or deny it, it's the one thing that can't be covered up. I loved that the author had the guts to write a story where there was no "bad guy" because it meant that there was no easy way to justify your feeling and with the way it was written, I truly felt each character's conflict as though it were my own.

Especially Ridge. I swear I spent half the book just wishing I could hug him.

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This was one of those rare books where I never once, not even for a single moment, was angry or annoyed with anyone. I was rooting for everyone's happiness and I loved that I was never not even in the end made to hate anyone. The ending was really just brilliantly laid out and incredibly well paced leaving me with the most wonderful feeling knowing that every single part of the story had been wrapped up. This book kept me up reading til AM. I couldn't put it down, couldn't glance away from the page, and as desperate as I was to find out what was going to happen, I just didn't want it to end.

It was fresh, unique, and unpredictable. I felt fully connected to each of the characters and I honestly don't have a single complaint to make. This book is perfect.

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  • Truly perfect. I can't recommend it highly enough. Read this book. Live it. Love it. Allow it to take over your heart.

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    It's an unforgettable journey that every reader should take. This is a standalone novel. Release date: March 18, Also, on a side note, I really strongly visualized every single thing in my head as I was reading. Every scene, every character, every location is crystal clear in my mind so I'm going to pray to the movie gods that this story ends up on the big screen because it would make one helluva movie! View all 88 comments. Shelves: disappointed , love-triangle , want-to-burn-from-memory , regret-reading-it , why-do-i-torture-myself , i-want-you-but-cant-have-you , cheating-hero.

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Ridge should take some advice from Mr. I'll be honest I guess it all boils down to if you enjoy this type of plot. And I personally, hated it. And now I want to burn the memory of ever reading this book from my brain. Maybe I should give it some props since it made me feel albeit they were negative emotions.

    I should start off by saying that I hate love triangles. With a passion. So maybe I was already prejudiced going into this bo Ridge should take some advice from Mr.

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    So maybe I was already prejudiced going into this book. If I hate love triangles that much then why in the world did I read this book?

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    The simple answer is that I was curious. And I curse that curiosity for making me pick up this book. I read some glowing 5 star reviews about how this love triangle is all complex and heartbreaking and I decided I needed to try it out.

    objectifcoaching.com/components/lewis/site-rencontre-pour-femme.php Usually when I don't like a book, or stuff happens that I don't agree with, I will just drop the book. But with this book, I just had to know how the author would resolve the love triangle from hell. This rant will just consist of the things I hated in this book. Cause I didn't like anything 1. There was nothing attractive to me about Ridge.

    From his name to his actions. He was a sleaze.