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Our spirit is the life-giving power that makes us alive, that quickens and gives us life.

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Ezekiel It's removal means death. Psalm God gave us a body to interact and be conscious of the world and others around us; He gave us a soul that we might be conscious of ourselves, our own thoughts, emotions and desires; and He gave us a spirit so we could communicate and fellowship with God and be conscious of His will. In other words, our spirit is our "link" to God. In Acts , He says, "Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

This is the time that God's Spirit unites with our human spirit and becomes a brand-new spirit alive, quickened and regenerated. In other words, the electricity is "turned on" by the Master Transformer. God's Spirit uses our human spirit like a carrier or a transport to help implement the process of sanctification and to restore spiritual communication in our lives. The process of sanctification is simply the process of restoring our spirit to its rightful place, as director of our souls. This restoration is crucially important because until our soul is completely submitted to our spirit, our communication with the Lord will be hindered.

Our biggest difficulty, then, is that our spirit needs to be untangled from our soul and enabled to break free from its influence and rule. God's will is that our regenerate spirit becomes stronger and stronger, so that it can work alongside of God's Spirit to control and govern our soul.

Then, the tables will be turned and our spirit can, once again, become the uniting factor between our souls and our bodies. Our spirit will be able to operate outwardly through our soul and communicate with the world, and it will be able to operate inwardly towards God and commune with Him. In order for our spirit to freely lead and guide us, however, the sensory part of our soul must be weakened, crucified and annihilated. In other words, our soul needs to be brought through the death of its own ability; i. Thus, a true spiritual Christian is one in whom the spirit rules, not the soul; whereas, a carnal Christian is one who chooses to follow his own will and desires his flesh over what God is trying to say through his spirit.

Our spirit - the place where we communicate with God - has three main functions or operations: our conscience, our intuition, and our communion. Briefly, our conscience is the place where God teaches us and speaks to us. This is where He lets us know what is right and what is wrong and what His individual will is. Our intuition is where God leads and guides us, where we can develop true intimate knowledge of Him and where we experience His revelation and His anointing. The third function of our spirit is where we fellowship and commune with God.

This is where we worship the Lord in spirit and truth. John All three functions of our spirit are very closely related, so each one builds upon the other. A pure conscience leads to an undefiled intuition and ultimately to open communion and fellowship with God. Our conscience is like the inner voice of God. This is where God corrects and protects us. John This is also where the Holy Spirit reveals God's will to us.

God’s Word: A two-edged sword

Our conscience is like God's inward monitor or teacher. It renders us uneasy when we don't choose to follow His will and gives us peace when we do.

Kabbalah: Souls and Humans - Rabbi Menachem Wolf, Spiritgrow Josef Kryss Center

Our conscience reprimands us, reproves us, corrects us and approves us. It is designed to govern our lives and, by doing so, constantly show us what God's will is. Someone once said, "It's more important to be afraid of one reproach from our conscience than it is from all the condemnation of men in the world. I do not believe it's God's will, however, to make some sort of a "blanket" or "general" confession by acknowledging all of our sins and all of our self-centered ways in some vague manner, only to return to these same ways shortly thereafter.

This is not what cleanses our conscience. We need to let the Holy Spirit daily, moment by moment, reprove and convict us of specific things that are "not of faith," and then be ready to confess and repent of these very things. I co-hosted several seminars with a woman speaker who lived a very self-centered life. She treated others very badly; she never read her Bible or prayed, except when she was going to give a speech, be on the radio or do a TV show.

Just before these events, she would publicly pray and very generally confess all her sins. Right after she spoke, however, she immediately went back to her old hedonistic and self-oriented life-style.

End notes:

This used to really bother me because I knew it wasn't right and it always struck me as being so phony. I'm not so uptight about it anymore, however, because I realized that "God is never mocked. He knows our "hearts" behind our words. Consequently, I believe, in His timing and in His way, the truth will come out. But how many of us do the very same thing? We go as long as we can without confronting our sin and our self, but when we really need God, we quickly confess and repent of all the things we can think of, get what we want from God, and then go right back to the same old life-style.

God's will is that we daily and specifically confess and repent of our sins and self-centeredness, and truly turn around from doing these things again.

Then, we can enjoy the intimacy that God has prepared for us and receive even more illumination from Him. Our conscience is like the window to our soul.

The Dividing of Soul and Spirit

If we allow Him to, God's light will shine brightly through this window, exposing our faults. If we heed what He shows us, that light will shine even brighter next time. If we don't obey God, our conscience will be corrupted and our window clouded. After quenching His Spirit over and over again, pretty soon we won't be able to see God's heavenly light at all. Thus, maturity in Christ can simply be measured by our responsiveness to our conscience. A good conscience enables us to receive God's promises, walk by His Spirit and enter His presence.

An evil conscience leads us to a lack of faith, being guilt-ridden and walking by the flesh. The next function of our spirit is our intuition.

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Intuition is the attaining of direct knowledge, perception or conviction beyond the means of reason alone. Our intuition and our conscience work closely together. A pure conscience leads to a keen intuition. Sarmad Garmroud. Why then Baha'is are cruel to animals, especially Iranian Baha'is. They look with disgust to dogs and sacrifice sheep right front their children.

Not to mention they serve meet in their holy houses. Jessica Maboudi. Kimia Lalezari. Jessica, thanks for your insight. Sammy the Cat. The ego and the Id, part of the psyche of animals, yet this writing admonishes humans from that realm.

The Soul - Edmond Bahá'í Community

If you are going to prognosticate the Morals of how we should treat animals perhaps more should be communicated to the Baha'i community on readings of vegetarianism at feasts. I've seen humans that lack the "intellect" you ascribe to transcendence, does that mean they don't have souls? The problem with this belief is the anthropomorphization of god and separating humans from animals. Just turn on the news for a few minutes to get yourself back to this planet.

The statements have Read more I thought the same thing reading this. There are many people born with the inability to contemplate a god or their own existence. By bahai logic they wouldn't have a soul? And what about science?