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Would they have to take a side-step or back-step in their careers to stay with the company? Even with my fearless leader hat on or because of it , I could tell my positive affirmations were falling on deaf ears. However, the more we hide what scares us or try to push it out of our heads, the more it subconsciously preoccupies us and the worse we are as managers, spouses, parents, etc.

She said had I opened up in the moment, it would have been much more meaningful to her when I talked through her fears with her. The wall I had put up made me come across as inauthentic. Being a fearless leader was wrong and it hurt my team. The mistake I made was not addressing the elephant in the room and, instead, making the choice to bulldoze through it. Sorry, Mr.

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I was faced with a ton of uncertainty. Once I was done feeling sad and sorry for myself back in December, I decided to create some personal Q1 objectives and key results OKRs. I started by listing out what I was afraid of on my whiteboard in my home office. Calling it out and giving it a name was a great first step to figure out how to address it.

Key results involve redefining the intersection of my skill sets and the needs of the company, learning to receive feedback better and build better relationships on the team. Stress less. Build my personal brand.

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Everyone is still in their positions, and now they get to spend their time doing more meaningful work vs. Rather than ignore my fears, I faced them head on. That's why my challenge to you is to forget about appearances. Acknowledge the unknown, put a name to your fears and focus on what you can control. Your future self -- and your current team -- will thank you for it.

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Given such enormous challenges, some have asked: Who would take this job? Why would anyone want to preside over the dismantling of a massive bureaucracy amid intransigence from employee unions who have so far refused to face reality? The answer is: Do it for the kids.

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A fearless leader has the opportunity to make an enormous difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of children, the majority of whom are kids of color living in poverty. Many of the same schools that were failing kids in my neighborhood 20 years ago are still failing yet another generation of children today.

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Education is one of the greatest civil rights issues of our time, and we need a champion for the rights of children in charge. Los Angeles is a progressive city and a hub of experimentation and creativity. And we have enormous wealth and resources that someone who is open to outside contribution can tap into.

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Angelenos are ultimately optimists, and LA parents stand ready to partner with a bold, visionary leader to get the job done. Superintendent Search. On one level it is so simple. First, set the stage.

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If I am a physician running an intensive care unit, for example, I need to frequently set the stage by reminding people what is at stake, how fragile our patients are, and how complex and error-prone our systems are. This is not about calling out potential incompetence. It means acknowledging out loud that by their nature our systems can compound mistakes, and unless we do everything with interpersonal awareness and focus, things can go wrong. Asking is the simplest and best way to get people to offer their ideas.

Even if a leader has explained how error-prone the work is, people still have a threshold to overcome in speaking up with concerns or mistakes. To help them, simply ask questions.

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  • Third, respond appreciatively. Other drivers of success include the willingness to have challenging conversations thoughtfully, the willingness to be wrong, and such things as good experimental design. This is just one of them. Edmondson: Yes. Psychological safety also has an important relationship with diversity, inclusion, and belonging. As the experts note, diversity can be directly altered. It is a lever that managers can pull, so to speak, given the power and resources to do so. Specifically, they can decide to design hiring to achieve greater diversity—whether gender, race, geography, or national culture. But simply hiring a diverse talent pool is not enough, of course.

    Inclusion is the next level, when people of different backgrounds feel that their voice matters and that they are included in the important meetings. Then, belonging can be seen as a higher level still. Belonging means this is a place where I can thrive; I feel that I am truly a member of the community. As organizations seek to convert diversity into inclusion and belonging, psychological safety is increasingly important.