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Thank you Lord for providing me peace to remain in you and help me to learn what it means to truly do this.

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Help me learn about you, love you more, and love your people more each day as I continually fill myself up with your Word! Thank you Lord for being to rest that I need that the world lacks. This devotion comes at a good time for me. Lately, I have been going through a time of humbling and pruning.

It has been discouraging. I have been frustrated with the lack of fruit in my life. I will remain. In patience, I have faith that my life will bear much fruit.

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I am right beside you in that battle. Of struggling to keep my eyes focused on the cross and not the discouraging, mundane things that are happening or not happening! While in the midst of the refining process it is so hard to see what good things God is working on in and through us but remember he has started a good work in you and will bring it to completion. Our husbands, children, friends etc. John This touched my heart today. I want to ace the test, but not study. I want to make new friends, but not talk with my classmates.

He is enough. He is sufficient; the true Vine. Your email address will not be published.

I am the True Vine

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Back To Plan Overview. Day And you [disciples] are clean , but not every one of you. My cross and resurrection will seal it. Look at If you believe in Jesus this morning, the same is true for you. He has chosen you for fruit. He has cleansed you to bear fruit. He has bound you to himself to carry his life in you. If you have heard that word and believed it and delight in it—if you treasure that word such that you have no hope without that word—then you are in the vine.

The word of Jesus is sufficient to bind you to the vine. Everything you need to be in the vine, Jesus has finished it.

Abiding in Jesus: The Key to Fruitful Living

Why would we choose to do anything else? In Jesus we find everything for life and joy and hope and salvation. In Jesus we find safety from the wrath of God. In Jesus the Father nurtures and cares for his people. They live in constant dependence on the vine. Same for you and me.

I am the vine; you are the branches. Listen, the vine is Christ, and all there is in the vine for the benefit of the branches. Ryle put it Ryle, John , In Christ, you have access to all the wisdom you need to lead your household well. Both of you can draw from Jesus for wisdom, humility, and more grace. And he will grant it—that might mean his word prunes you first instead of your spouse, but he will grant it. Hebrews 12 says that Jesus endured hostility from sinners, in order that we might not grow weary and lose heart.

And that gives us hope for a new day of glory without suffering. In Christ, you have access to all the strength you need to overcome your sinful anger at your dad. I have specific people in mind. Not a single sin will be overlooked, whether in the cross of Christ or in the lake of fire. And that frees us from trying to take matters into our own hands.

Then also draw from his grace, the same grace God showed you even though you angered him with your sins. That frees you to pray for your enemies and serve them even in the face of great disappointment. In Christ, you have access to all the patience you need to shepherd your children in the midst of chaos. But in those moments, you abide. You cast yourself on Jesus. In Christ, you have access to all the boldness you need to speak of Christ to others. What naturally comes is fear or doubt or even Jonah-like rebellion.

And in those moments I have to abide; I have to start drawing from the Vine if my Father is going to receive glory.


I have to abide every Sunday I speak. He who abides in me and I in him will bear much fruit, for apart from me, you can do nothing.


Abiding in Jesus: The Key to Fruitful Living - Truth That Changes Lives with JP Jones

Alright, Jesus, I am nothing. You are everything. Glorify the Father through me. In Christ, you have access to all the acceptance you need before God that dispels the fear of man. Second, even when we are living righteously, we still need the Gardener, who knows us so completely and sees beyond what we see, so that He can purge, or prune and purify, us see John While at times this pruning may seem hard to bear, it is only through this process that we will become more fruitful.

Exposing our Relationship w/ LELE PONS

Our pruning comes in a variety of ways. We may develop an illness or physical limitation. We may find that our expectations are not fulfilled.

Symbolism of the Vineyard and the Vine

We may find sorrow in relationships or experience personal loss. Yet what initially might seem to be a sad event can help us grow if it causes us to rely more on the Lord and to rethink our priorities. Throughout my life I have had ample need for pruning. For example, a few years ago I expected to receive a company promotion. I felt I had the experience, skills, and longevity required, and I hoped the choice was obvious. At that time there was a new top manager in our company who had different priorities and goals than I did.

Among other things, he expected all senior managers to work weekends in addition to weekdays. I was a stake president then and knew that to best serve the members of my stake, I needed to spend a certain amount of time fulfilling my Church responsibilities. When the hoped-for promotion never occurred, I had to struggle to keep myself from feeling bitter. What a disappointment!

I determined just to keep going, to try to do things as well as I could, and to maintain a positive demeanor. Yet my sense of self-worth had been challenged. My abilities had been called into question. Other Church leaders I knew seemed to capably manage both demanding Church callings and time-consuming employment. In a weak moment, I even wondered whether I had made the right choice to devote so much time to the Church. Then I decided I needed to focus on what was truly important.