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Look Quora did it - it made problems an asset. People ask questions, people answer them, there is value for users, and Quora is and will find ways to monetize.

How to turn Challenges into Opportunities?

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Turn problems into opportunities

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How Breaking My Back Turned Into a Business Opportunity

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. He mentioned that on designated day there were lot of clouds and weather was also not good so expert were suggesting to postpone the strike to some other day But there was some problem as postponing the strike could result in loosing the surprise element and hence Pakistan could have countered the strike.

Related Questions More Answers Below What are some of the problems you faced in life that you think can potentially turn into profitable businesses? How can an entrepreneur turn problems into opportunities? What are the problems that we can turn into business?

Can problems in our life be converted into opportunities for success? What are some business opportunities you have missed in your life? Quora User , Phd from Life and Living.

How to turn problems into opportunities

Then you might just build something worthwhile. Microsoft Azure monitoring and alerting. See metrics from your Azure VMs,. Try Datadog for free. Sign Up. Quora User , Entrepreneur. Answered Dec 17, In India, one guy used to have lot of pain in booking tickets for weekend. As it was run by agents, he used to go and visit them and most of the times, after traveling far enough to book the tickets he was not sure if he could get the tickets. This was a big problem.

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He analyzed and understood that the pain size is big enough to create a paid solution. This is the company size now - RedBus There are lots who turned their own problems to opportunity. The only point to look here is the pain size and present it as a generic solution. Gharpay is one more example. What is the best project management tool? Updated Oct 7, The biggest challenges our use View more. Related Questions What are some of the problems you faced in life that you think can potentially turn into profitable businesses?


An entrepreneur is a person who can turns problems into opportunities. True, it didn't have much of a plot. Blair Brown, the aforementioned eagle researcher, takes Belushi into the wild and on his first glimpse of nature in all its glory he asks, "am I pleased or frightened? It is the exactly the same question you need to ask when confronted with what most people would describe as a problem.

Now, let's be clear. Some problems are exactly that. The computer crashes. You are stuck in traffic.

The Reframework

You develop a degree fever before the big presentation. Those are problems and there very little you can do to turn them to your advantage. For example, you thought you were onto a big idea. However, when you asked a representative sample of your potential audience about it, they told you there was no reason to develop the software. They were happy with the available options like Open Table. For example, when you were talking to the potential customers who eventually shot down your idea you kept hearing variations on a theme. Once they scored the reservation, many of them thought of the reservation as an asset and like all assets they wondered if they could monetize it.

The restaurant is "hot" and people are waiting for months to get in and there has to be a market for people who want to jump the que.